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Zapped : Mr Wuffles

The final episode of the first season, it was a pilot season so whilst the next season has a full 6 episodes this was the finale for the first.

Happy that it was picked up for at least two more seasons because it was a hoot and this episode was just as good!

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Terry Pratchett : Back in Black

Its hard to tell you what moment made me cry the most in last nights emotional story of the life of my biggest hero Terry Pratchett. Whether it was Neil Gaiman hardly being able to keep tears back himself, watching the man Terry Pratchett had become thanks to alzheimers at the beginning or hearing fans talking about how important he had been to them and being able to relate so much.

Whatever it was I struggled through my own tears to sit down to watch a beautifully put together documentary on the life of one of the most beloved writers of all time.

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Doctor Who : Under The Lake

I have not enjoyed the opening two episodes of Doctor Who, finding something missing from both episodes and the story over all.

So far Doctor Who just hasn’t gripped me. So lets try with some ghosts!

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