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Overlord II : Blue Roses

Episode 7

“Aoi no Bara” (蒼の薔薇)

Its heating up in the Capital as the war against Eight Fingers and the war against do-gooder Sebas begins.

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Overlord II : Those Who Pick Up, Those Who Are Picked Up

Episode 6

“Hirou mono, Hirowa reru mono” (拾う者、拾われる者)

With the Lizardmen now under control of Cocytus I do hope we move away from their boring story and explore something different, something new…

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Overlord II : Lizard Men, Gathering

Episode 3

“Tsudou, Rizādoman” (集う、蜥蜴人)

I don’t like the Lizardmen, I find them tedious to have to watch and the blooming love at first sight story with Zaryusu and Crusch made my eyes roll out of my skull.

Its boring. So the title of this episode fills me with dread.

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Overlord II : Departure

Episode 2

“Tabidachi” (旅立ち)

So the name Ainz Ooal Gown has spread but so far it doesn’t look like we have any other players in the world. His wishes that a friend will be there somewhere are growing more and more slim. He does have some strange creature hoping to have his babies though, so that makes the third strange creature wanting to have his babies.

What can you do?

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Overlord II : The Dawn of Despair

Episode 1

“Zetsubō no Makuake” (絶望の幕開け)

Finally starting to catch up with Season 2. Ainz is going to move ever on in his struggles to make a name for himself, mostly to try and find other players but probably in the end purely to dominate the land they are in. He made enemies and friends in the last season but as he doesn’t truly know a single thing about the people he faces his inability to vision himself losing might be his downfall.

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