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Ousama Game (King’s Game) Final Thoughts

Recommend : Maybe

A show littered with gruesome deaths and a interesting mystery that only gets a maybe for recommendation?

Its a show that you’ll be happy to have seen and if there is ever a sequel will be a must watch for those of us who did watch it but its not something you should run out and watch just for the sake of it.

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Demise (End/Grudge) [END]

Episode 12

“Shūen” (終怨)

The game isn’t going to be beaten. If it is it has left it too late for the game being beaten to mean anything really. I suspect someone is going to survive and the game starts again…

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Race (Evil/Run)

Episode 10

“Kyōsō” (凶走)

We are getting close to the end now and it isn’t looking good for the group that remains. Its obvious that there will now be some kind of race by the title alone but when you can’t even trust the people around you anymore and some of them have seen the absolute most despairing things they’d ever hope to see it is only a matter of time before the 10 remaining students trickles down to the sole survivor.

I doubt many more will survive then one IF even one survives this time.

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Solidarity (Wedge/Binds)

Episode 9

“Kusabi taba” (楔束)

The game is getting tricky and there is a plan afoot that we have yet to see come to fruition. It’ll be interesting to see what it is that Teruaki is planning on doing.

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Ousama Game (King’s Game) : Determination (Blood/Judgement)

Episode 8

“Chidan” (血断)

There is no more backstory, no more clues to be found hidden away. Nobuaki has to return and figure out a way to end a game that doesn’t seem to be possible to end.

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