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One Piece : Somewhere, Someone is Wishing For Your Happiness

Chapter 887

Welcome to day 2 of catching up with One Piece.

Luffy is going to power up his Observation Haki, there is a war going on and the cake is in the middle of it and the Sunny is just chillin’ trying to keep out of trouble.

No doubt all THREE stories will be looked at in this chapter and none will really progress a single bit.

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One Piece : It’s Brulee!

Chapter 885

It isn’t looking good for Luffy whilst the coast is actually clear for the others to have their plans go well. Big Mom is also distracted, which seems to be easily done in one of her moods, so it looks like it’ll all go well for those outside of the mirror world.

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One Piece : Who

Chapter 884

So Dogtooth actually has dog teeth… Actually he doesn’t even have dog teeth, my dogs teeth are nicer then the gnashers on that man, its more like some spikey toothed shark.

Luffy has seen them though and he ain’t happy.

Dogtooth that is not Luffy. Luffy is unhappy he had to eat Mochi.

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One Piece : Beyond the Expectations of a Yonkou

Chapter 882

Again I know I got a little behind but we’re back.

Luffy is facing off against Dogtooth, Big Mom has her forces split trying to take down Bege and the Germa whilst she herself goes after the Strawhats. It isn’t looking good.

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One Piece : No Way Out

Chapter 880

The plan is… Kind of working? Luffy seems to have no chance against Dogtooth but he’ll find a way as always, whilst the cake isn’t even starting to be made right now and Big Mom is walking on water at least the Sunny is on course to meet Sanji and the rest if they ever make this damned thing.

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