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His Dark Materials : The Fight to the Death

Episode 7

Nothing ever changes when it comes to Lyra and her luck. One step forward and two steps back as she exchanges one prison for another.

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His Dark Materials : The Daemon-Cages

Episode 6

Lyra has ended up at Bolvangar after being kidnapped by Samoyed hunters.

She’s finally in the centre of all that is happening. Can she make it out alive or will she suffer the same fate as Billy Costa and a whole bunch of other children who have been separated from their Daemons?

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Dickensian : Episode 15

Yesterday felt like the opening 30 minutes, or the filler 30 minutes of hour long episode so lets hope this episode manages to make up for that!

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Dickensian : Episode 14

Wicked plots are afoot, one family who thought their problems had ended have now just become worse and Bucket is targeting a child for the murder of a character long since forgotten.

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Dickensian : Episode 12

Again I apologise for the lateness.

Things have moved on in Dickensian, some for the better and some for the worst. I feel like the series is starting to slow down before a big dramatic ending which isn’t looking good for at least one of the main cast!

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Dickensian : Episode 8

Another visit to Dickensian for our catch up. Last episode we saw so much happen to so many characters it promises to all boil over quite soon.

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Dickensian : Episode 7

As I said on Twitter I probably need to pay more attention to what is said over the credits at the end of Dickensian because not only did I not realise that episode 7 was on the day after episode 6 but I didn’t realise that last nights episode was on at 8pm instead of 8:30pm!

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