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No Guns Life : Phantom Limb

Episode 10

Genshi” (幻肢)

The team have split in two and without knowing it are after the same person.

Colt is at the center of everyone’s attention but can Mary and Tetsuro save him before he becomes a puppet in Spitzbergen’s plans and he ends up in the hands of maybe, just maybe, Juzo?

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No Guns Life : Reverberation

Episode 9

Zankyō” ( 残響)

With one big story over we are back to square one with Juzo and the group. Where is this show going to go now and how will Berühren no doubt be behind everything going wrong?

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No Guns Life : Will

Episode 8

Ishi” (遺志)

Our first proper case that didn’t just see us running around the place trying to save Tetsuro is coming to a end. A conspiracy that has possibly seen a innocent man jailed for crimes we cannot possibly understand.

Just what happened at Norse Scott?

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No Guns Life : Hero

Episode 6

Eiyū” (英雄)

EMS want Juzo to go after Hayden Gondry and in return right now they’ll keep his friends and Tetsuro safe in their custody.

Now we’ll get to see something of Juzo’s actual job.

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No Guns Life : Puppet

Episode 3

Ayatsuri ningyō” (操り人形)

Now that Tetsuro is awake and seemingly fitted with new extensions to help him be more human once more it might be time we learnt a little more about what is happening in this world.

All we know is it isn’t going to be safe for Juzo anymore.

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