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RAW 10/5/15 Review

You all know that we’re just here waiting for Corporate Kane to show up. You know it, I know it, we all know it.

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WWE Live @ MSG

So another Live Brock Lesnar event for the Network. I ain’t complaining about that trust me.

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SmackDown 10/1/15 Review

Before WWE at Madison Square Garden starts up we’ll post our review of this weeks SmackDown.

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RAW 9/28/15 Review

The era of Kane tormenting Seth Rollins has returned and I love it greatly so lets carry on please?

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RAW 9/21/15 Review

The RAW after Night of Champions, we’ll see just what happens after the fall out of Night of Champions for all our new champions.

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WWE Night of Champions 2015 Review

I managed to get in all the reviews before Night of Champions. There was no point in doing any kind of Road to blog because the road to Night of Champions started this week for me when I actually managed to catch up with most of this months RAW and SmackDowns.

Still. Night of Champions.

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SmackDown 9/17/15 Review

The last show before Night of Champions. One last push for Rollins.

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RAW 9/14/15 Review

The final RAW before Night of Champions and I’m all up to date (at the moment) with WWE reviews.

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RAW 9/7/15 Review

Another catch up blog. The SmackDown before was hardly something to write home about so I’m looking for a much more interesting RAW.

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SmackDown 9/3/15 Review

We are very far behind but we’ll catch up this week with all the wrestling from the last week and a bit.

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