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GLOW : Hollywood Homecoming

Episode 7

Sam is gone! Where is Sam? What is Sam doing?!

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GLOW : Outward Bound

Episode 6

With the bombshell of GLOW staying at the Fan-Tan for another 9 months it is time for the girls to get out and spend some time together in the wilderness.

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GLOW : Freaky Tuesday

Episode 5

In a episode that reminds me I should never worry too much about where stories are going we get a bit of a spotlight on the fantastically wonderful Kia Stevens who if I haven’t told you a few hundred times before was a hero of mine in wrestling for many years.

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GLOW : Say Yes

Episode 4

From forcing something that isn’t really there anymore to forcing things into a show that shouldn’t really be there this entire episode was a bit of a circus that once more ended with me in tears…

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GLOW : Desert Pollen

Episode 3

There hasn’t been much wrestling yet but we’ve seen them come together as a group to get over bad luck for a opening night and then seen people come together as the relationships that have formed during their time together grew.

What could possibly be next?

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GLOW : Hot Tub Club

Episode 2

The girls got through their opening night with no problems and in high spirits. What could possibly go wrong for them now?

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GLOW : Up, Up, Up

Episode 1

GLOW is back! Now doing a live floor show in Vegas the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have a new challenge ahead of them.

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