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Mindhunter S2E6

We’ve had Manson and I don’t think that the show could get any more of a celebrity interview then that.

With interviews not being that important anymore though it’ll be interesting to see if we even get any more after this episode.

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Mindhunter S2E5

We are slowly seeing Ford lose his ability to see past the Atlanta Child Murders, it left Carr and Smith to deal with their actual job in the last episode and saw him making promises he just couldn’t keep to the families of the victims so far.

It might not be a good thing for him in the future.

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The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : Nothing is Simple Anymore

Episode 2

The classic story continues on its march to a future we all already know but it is the journey there that is important.

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Mindhunter S2E4

Holden has now been shown up as the snob he is, only really wanting to interview intelligent killers which allowed Atlanta’sย  Jim Barney to shine as well as surprisingly Gregg.

Now the focus has shifted to the Atlanta Child Murderer instead of the BTK and we still have that promised interview with Manson to look forward to.

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The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance : End. Begin. All the Same.

Episode 1

We know we’re late to this one but for obvious reasons we’re always late but as a kid that grew up in the 90s the Dark Crystal was a stable of my film life.

Who hadn’t been terrified of the Skeksis?

Well I wasn’t but we weren’t allowed to watch it for the longest time because one of my sisters were. So when I heard that there was a new series I was very much looking forward to seeing the prequel of a film the I was raised on.

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Mindhunter S2E3

We’ve had our first interview, with the Son of Sam, and are on the trail of the BTK Killer as well as a potential murderer closer to home for Bill.

The series is keeping the drama flowing.

EDIT : These reviews were done to come out like the GLOW ones did but after another tough week or two they’ve been obviously put back. Unlike others they are all done they just need final editing before released so we hopefully will get them out soon.

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Mindhunter : S2E2

With the Behavioral Science Unit back together and given a fresh start and the promise of more staff and a interview with Manson as well as Bill on the prowl for BTK the series looks like it’ll continue to be as interesting as it ever was.

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