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365 Challenge : Sweet Sixteen

Would this be the life I imagined myself in as a 16 year old?

You know I haven’t got a clue.

Growing up I had all these ideas of what I could be but I don’t think I ever really imagined what being a adult was like. I don’t think teenagers really do unless they’ve got a real dream inside them. I didn’t. I don’t have a certain skill that I’ve been working on since a young age, I wasn’t the smartest in school but I wasn’t thick either. I had a good upbringing and a group of good friends.

I do remember looking through my teenage eyes and thinking being a adult would be great. No one to tell me what to do or how to live my life. It felt like the perfect life to live. Of course you get to adulthood and nothing truly changes. As a teenager adults just seem like something better. They get all the cool things and they get to have their own homes and make their own rules. The problem is the line between being a teenager and a adult fades very fast. Someone just made up a number in their head and said “teenager on that side adult on that.” Nothing really changes other then the pressure to actually work and “give back” to society.

You learn very fast that yes you can have all the things you want, by a bunch of stuff, learn to drive and do whatever. You have to work hell of a hard to get that in the first place though. It isn’t as easy as just growing up and living your life you have to go to work which is just what replaces school. This time though you don’t have someone paying your way so you find that the money you do get doesn’t go very far.

I think I lived in my own little world at 16 like anyone.

Sometimes I wish I had found a skill out at a young age or had a dream to put my heart into when I was 16 but I didn’t.

I wouldn’t give up what I’ve got now for anything of course but it would be nice to think that my 16 year old self would be proud of me. As it is I’m not sure a 16 year old will see the good things in my life without being depressed by the hard work I have to do to get the good things.

Also whilst we’re on the subject who really liked being 16? It was a horrible time. That age is always treated like something special but it is just a terror from beginning to end and it doesn’t get any better from there!