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Diary #34 : Pain. The Real Enemy.

So you might have noticed we did really well for a couple weeks and then last week everything just went to pot.

As always there is a reason and hopefully as this week rolls on it’ll stop being a reason that everything is held up and just disappear from my life for good. That reason is pain and I’ll explain a little about it below.

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Diary #33.1 : So it begins… (The Prequel blog…)

The last post was about where I was and what I was planning on doing going forward, obviously I haven’t implemented the schedule that I had hoped to get done in the last two weeks but today has been a bit of a break through and I have everything set up.

This isn’t going to be a big essay telling you everything.

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Diary #32 : We are trying. Trying…

As I write this I’m on the second week of a holiday that was long overdue. I didn’t go away and haven’t even done much other then finally get some reviews sorted, watched TV and YouTube.

I also write this as my arm starts to ache once more for no reason seeing I’ve barely done anything all day.

One of our biggest quirks when it comes to our writing is that it is always long overdue and been sat in our drafts for way too long. I keep saying I’ll get better at sorting things and have a rare week or two where I can then it all turns to the same old habits once more. So here is a little look into why I’m so terrible.

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Diary #30 : Depression doesn’t stop for the holidays!

I very much hope that every single one of you had a lovely Christmas and getting to have a lazy Boxing Day. For those who had to work I hope people treat/ed you with respect and it went well and for those who celebrate other holidays or nothing at all I hope you just had a good day!

Whilst it is easy to think that for one day a year people can just turn off their feelings and get in the Christmas mood that just doesn’t happen.

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Diary #29 : Depression and Depressed aren’t the same thing…

So usually these posts are inspired by something that has happened to me. I like sharing the stories and how I feel because it makes me feel better when I’m down knowing others go through what I do and I’m not alone, I’m not broken because I feel this way I just have to keep fighting.

This time I guess it is and isn’t inspired by anything.

On the one hand it is something I’ve noticed in my life and on the other it is just something that popped into my head.

Being depressed doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been through depression and depression isn’t the same as being depressed….

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Diary #28 : Sometimes Strangers Help…

Sometimes life can be miserable, there can be a problem that has been a problem for so long that those around you are just fed up of hearing about it and have views on the matter that mean you can no longer just talk about a situation because their response is based on a long standing feeling from months and months of trying and helping you.

It can be lonely.

It can suck balls.

Honestly it can be one of the loneliest part of life.

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