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And one more (Fandom) thing

So just a random thought whilst talking to Luc today, I found the perfect way to figure out whether I’m “Obsessed” or just generally “Overly Enthusiastic” about someone, some thing, some event, some character etc… etc… etc…

My whole life I never thought about it and when he spelt it out the way he did to me it was like the wool had been lifted from my eyes.

So the difference between Obsessed and Overly Enthusiastic.

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Jason Goes to Hell : The Final Friday (1993)

The only outing for Jason in the 90s came in the first film by New Line Cinema who had taken the rights to the Franchise. It was, once more, meant to end the series and set up for something a little different, that something didn’t come till the 00s and after yet another Jason outing but we’ll talk about that later.

After one of the worst Jason movies the whole mythology of Jason was explored (kind of) and a new formula was attempted.

There is a lot to be said for The Final Friday.

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