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Diary #5 : The Old Me

As you all know I’ve been doing a Daily Doodle since the beginning of January, I’ve also obviously decided to take my time and think about my work instead of having the lazy ass “anything will do” approach that has haunted me for the last few years.

I love scrolling through arty stuff on Tumblr. Whether its graphics, digital drawings, scribbles, hand drawn/painted stuff and everything else. I love scrolling through all the fan fiction blogs, the prompt and Imagine blogs as well as just random pieces of poetry, sayings and all sorts. I love seeing other people being creative…

For the first time in ages though it kind of made me miss the old me.

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Week 16

20th April – 26th April

Week 6 Question
The person you like and why you like them

I like myself because I am awesome. Yes I am awesome.

That might not be the answer you want but it’ll be the answer you get. Mainly I guess because I don’t want the person I like to know I like them because where would the fun it that be?

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