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365 Challenge : Stranded

If I was stranded in a random foreign city with no friends and no money there isn’t hell of a lot I could do really?

Its a strange question, why am I stranded in the first place? Will things get better for no real reason after this one day?

I guess you’d have to find a police station and tell them that you are a foreigner with no money and not sure why you were there? Possibly ask to use a phone and find a way back home.

Now if my friend had dropped me off in a city on holiday and I’d done something stupid like leave my bag in their car and they weren’t meeting me till later on, first of all I’d find some way to be able to tell the time. There is no point walking around too far if you don’t have some way to tell the time. After that it’ll be as easy as finding museums and churches, historic locations or just beauty spots. You don’t have money so you can’t go anywhere really so it’ll just be hanging about.

Problem is I would never just randomly go somewhere with no money as its a necessity so its hard to imagine a reason why I’d end up stranded somewhere with no money at all!

365 Challenge : Seven Days

I’m going to pretend that I wake up, find that my plans have been cancelled and there is £10,000 on my chest of drawers instead of $10,000.

What am I going to do for a whole seven days?

Absolutely nothing.

£10,000 isn’t going to get me anywhere, it ain’t going to blow my mind. I’m introverted, I like my own company, I avoid going out if I don’t have to and I don’t eat junk food. On the rare occasions I do go out drinking I rarely have to spend any money. If you know how to play it being a attractive male can work just as well as being a attractive female.

I would literally just buy all the games on my wishlist and probably then on Anna’s too as well as buy something nice online.

It would go extremely fast though.

I’d possibly throw some of that money to Anna for driving lessons so she stops annoying me about feeling sick on buses. Yeah I know you’ve all probably read about her feeling sick on a bus by now as she’s texted me all day about it (and all last night.)

Honestly I feel I get the ones they know I will just boringly answer thrown at me. I have no life and unlike others have no wish of a life. I’m happy the way I am and £10,000 is nothing.