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Deadman Wonderland : Relief (Grateful Dead) [END]

Episode 12

“Kyūsai (Gureitofuru Deddo)” (救済(グレイトフルデッド))

It took one and a half episodes after a short break to remind me of every reason I was annoyed at this show. It wants you to care about characters you just don’t care about. I honestly have no investment going into the finale and to be honest I’m pretty sure its going to be pretty disappointing anyway.

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Deadman Wonderland : GIG of Despair

Episode 11

“Zetsubō no GIG” (絶望のGIG)

Whilst the reviews are coming out seemlessly I have to admit I binge watched a good deal of them and reviewed them to schedule the posts so that I didn’t end up missing any and ruining the Halloween goodness. I took a break between episode 9 and 10 because the show had kind of pissed me off, going into the last three episodes I felt more positive and kind of enjoyed the episode much more as a result.

So lets see how the penultimate episode plays out.

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Deadman Wonderland : Caretaker (Undertaker)

Episode 10

“Hakamori (Andāteikā)”(墓守(アンダーテイカー))

It finally happened. Something big and dramatic that is meant to tug at the heart strings happened and all I did was sit and watch with no interest. The rushing of the story has finally had the worst effect possible, its made me not care one iota about the whole thing.

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Deadman Wonderland : Pro-Oxidant (Worm Eater)

Episode 9

“Sanka Sokushin-zai (Wāmu Ītā)”(酸化促進剤(ワームイーター))

Quite the sad episode last time out. Rokuro is a double agent, the plans are going to go up the shitter because of him and Karako looks to be in trouble. Hoping she survives and he doesn’t. But who knows?

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Deadman Wonderland : Chains of Freedom (Scar Chain)

Episode 8

“Jiyū no Kusari (Sukā Chein)”(自由の鎖(スカーチェイン))

So nothing ever stops for two seconds to let us get used to what we’ve just been told. Ganta is being asked to join a group that is trying to bring down Deadman Wonderland from the inside, Shiro is controlled by the Lullaby that Project Mother Goose pipes out and when it isn’t playing she’s the Wretched Egg and we’ve got a cool new character who is a Undertaker and ended the last episode attacking Ganta and his new friends.

Oh and we forever need to hug Yo.

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Deadman Wonderland : Original Sin (Wretched Egg)

Episode 7

“Genzai (Rechiddo Eggu)”(原罪(レチッド・エッグ))

So Hummingbird was interesting. Shiro is a bit scary now. Yo just needs a giant hug and Senji is a sweetie-pie.

This is still a horror anime though. Kind of.

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Deadman Wonderland : Hummingbird

Episode 6

“Hamingu Bādo”(ハミング・バード)

So Ganta won his first match, something seriously is up with Shiro who seems to be a Deadman too, and Yo is looking for someone. The coolest guy in the series lost his eye and did we even see Makina? I think we did briefly but she seems to not be that important right now.

Its gone from being a interesting concept in a prison that kills off prisoners for the entertainment of people who doesn’t realise its real to a illegal fighting ring with people who have special powers to control their blood. The horror is there, just fleeting, and the characters need a bucket load of developing which they just won’t be getting.

Still it keeps me watching.

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