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Diary #14 : The Tale of the Hedgehog…

So everyone has small triggers when it comes to anxiety and one of mine is sound,

Its strange, its such a random thing you might think, but since I was a child I’ve always been scared of the strangest of sounds. I’m partially deaf but I’m actually able to HEAR a spider in my room before I see it, thunder terrifies me even though I love lightening (which is the actual dangerous part of a thunderstorm) and I hate being in public places without headphones or someone with me else I constantly believe people are talking to me, about me or laughing at me.

So let me tell you how a hedgehog last night buggered up my day today….

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Diary #2 : Destruction of my Confidence Part 1

So three things have happened in the last month or so that have completely destroyed any positive work I’ve done in the last year to gain a little bit of confidence and try to find happiness within myself.

I’ve decided to write three separate blogs about the incidents because they are kind of long stories and also three very different blows to my confidence that deserve to have the time taken to explain them in full.

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Week 21

1st June – 7th June

Week 11 Question
Put your iPod (iPhone) on shuffle and list the next 10 songs…

I Put a Spell on You : Marilyn Manson
Courtesy of the Red White and Blue : Toby Keith
Please Forgive Me : David Gray
5-1 5-0 : Dierks Bentley
I’m Just a Kid : Simple Plan
Hysteria : Muse
Weapon of Choice : Fatboy Slim
Beer : Reel Big Fish
Hopeless Wanderer : Mumford & Sons
Haifisch : Rammstein

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