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Netflix’s Death Note

As you can guess seeing we’re like a episode or two away from finishing the flashback reviews for the anime series I have fallen in love with Death Note since beginning it way back. It is a intelligent series about a young man who finds a way to punish the bad guys in the world who get off from their crimes but then shows how playing god completely changes someone. Its a intelligent anime series that then focuses on a mental chess game between two highly intelligent characters.

Netflix has a history of making wonderful things so I was really excited. Real, REAL excited.

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Austin Powers : Goldmember (2002)

The third and so far last of the adventures of Austin Powers meets even newer threats along with the same old same old threats and a lot of 60s flair.

A new evil base, a new evil plan and a new adventure for Austin and his new partner.

I didn’t feel the second film matched up to the first but can the third save the series?

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Heroes Reborn : Brave New World / Odessa

What feels like a long time ago now there was a series that become extremely popular and introduced us to some amazing characters with amazing super powers.

Love it or hate it the series lasted for four seasons.

Now its back with a new story and new Heroes.

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