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Deadman Wonderland : Carrion Festival (Carnival Corpse)

Episode 5

“Shiniku-sai (Kānibaru Kōpusu)”(死肉祭(カーニバル・コープス))

We now know all about the Deadman and what is actually going on behind the scenes in Deadman Wonderland. In fact we know more then Makina which makes her seem like even more of a innocent, yet sadistic bitch.

I haven’t mentioned how much I like Makina recently or her English voice actress, because I’m watching the dub, but she’s pretty awesome as far as the characters in this show goes.

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Deadman Wonderland : Crow Claw

Episode 4

“Kurō Kurō”(クロウ・クロウ)

The series kind of speeds along. We have three kind of main characters in Ganta, Shiro and Yo. Of all of them the only one I care for is Yo whilst Shiro is interesting and Ganta bores me. We have the big mystery of what Tamaki is up to in the prison but personally for me I don’t really care. I liked the concept of the prison, but its moved on from that, and I like one character, who is the most normal of the characters.

Still its kind of got me hooked….

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Deadman Wonderland : G Block

Episode 3

“Jī tō”(G棟)

Having a look at how the prison works was a pretty scary thing. I’m happy Yo ended up not taking part because we probably would have lost him, guessing now that was no luck but actually planned.

Ganta needs to sort his shit out if he wants to survive. I’m guessing he does but we’ll have to see how he does it.

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Deadman Wonderland : Antidote (Candy)

Episode 2

“Gedokuzai (Kyandi)”(解毒剤 (キャンディ))

I wasn’t overly impressed with the first episode but as I’ve picked it I’ll keep going with it.

Ganta is a young dude who has been framed for the massacre of his classmates. He’s gone to Deadman Wonderland, a prison that doubles over as a amazement park, to serve his sentence. There are still rules and needs of the prison we haven’t really been told about yet but it isn’t going to be easy for him, though the Red Man who actually DID kill his whole class seems to have given him some sort of special power…

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Deadman Wonderland : Death Row Inmate

Episode 1


We’ve always tried our hardest when it comes to the wonderful month of October to bring you fun things as much as possible. As fans of horror movies and blood and gore, beat ’em ups and jump scares its easy for us to find things to talk about in our most favourite of months.

This year we’re also going to be doing something fun. Our Anime Flashbacks focusing on horror anime’s and for me that means Deadman Wonderland.

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