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Hannibal : Antipasto

OK so last season I made a big deal about how great Hannibal season one was before I got really angry at season two and didn’t even finish reviewing it because every review just turned into a “OMG I HATE EVERYTHING” review.

I am back, hello! Hoping for less of the “oh poor Will, POOR Will, we won’t tell you why we now believe how wonderful he is but POOORRR WILL….” and more. Well. Hannibal.

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Hannibal : Kaiseki

The new series of Hannibal started this week. You didn’t know? I’m sure I wrote about it a few days ago!  I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to write a review of it, though I’m sure you all watched it didn’t you? If not then obviously I’m going to have to up my Hannibal love ins to make you all interested!

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A Day Away…

So life is exciting at the moment. And the biggest most exciting thing we have going right now?

That’s right! The premier of Hannibal Season 2 is only a day away.

The NBCHannibal twitter and tumblr pages have made fans get very excited, as well as all the juicy cast interviews and all that. Now we are hours away from a brand new series of one of the most imaginative, beautifully crafted and intelligent shows on TV.

Looking at it two ways, one as a fan of such a wonderfully put together program and the other as a “fan girl”.

On one hand I have been looking forward to this series because it is truly a wonderful piece of TV. It is probably the only show I have ever watched where it made me physically question myself because instead of finding the deaths gorey and disturbing, in some horrible way I found them quite imaginative, unique, beautiful and symbolic. 

For some it was too much and they let that little part of the show mar their opinions on what could be quite a witty show. In a way the murders are just a frame work to keep the stories flowing, the main enjoyment you’ll get out of the show is the relationships and dynamics between characters. So forget the mushroom gardens, angels and mess and lets look at the depth of human drama there is.

You’ve got a damaged hero in Will Graham who see’s the world in such a unique way, his relationships to every member of the cast is looked through the eyes of someone who is mentally drained, and as he slowly gets used and prodded and mishandled by both Jack Crawford and Hannibal Lecter we see his world slowly crashing around him. He has his love interest who isn’t just the normal kind of love interest. She is one of the strongest characters I’ve seen in a long time. She’s emotionally stronger then any of the rest of the cast, she isn’t scared to tell anyone how she feels or put them back in line. She doesn’t shy away from anything, she’s opinionated and knows she’s just as smart as any of the men. She doesn’t have to be sassy, throw out one liners or be over the top butchy, she’s just a normal lady who is probably the most grounded character in the whole Hannibal world.

We then have the darker side. In a way both Jack and Hannibal are bad guys. One of them isn’t a mass murderer but if Will had ever done anything it would have came back at Jack for pushing him. This is the thing, Jack was the one that sent Will on this path and as much as you grow to like Jack and feel for him by the end of the season you wanted to scream at him for everything he did to Will.

Hannibal himself is a masterpiece on screen. Mikkelsen doesn’t overplay him, he really is just a normal guy. Looking at him I don’t think you’d really believe that he was a cannibal let alone a murderer, his relationship with characters round him more then, for example, Hopkins Hannibal. Because we get to see him before people knew who he was and what he was we get a fuller picture, he isn’t playing to a stereotype or anything like it he’s just a normal person. And at times you can be forgiven for thinking that he’s totally innocent of anything, his charm isn’t sickly its human and he just looks like a man that cares about people.

And… I’ve said this all before so what is the point? I just love telling you how great the characters are!

None of the elements of the show ever outshine the others. The gruesome ways the victims meet their intended ends isn’t in your face all the time but neither is the human drama and relationships.

There are many different stories to be told, whether it will be within one episode or a ribbon run through many stories. It doesn’t speak down to the audience but it also doesn’t dumb it down. The characters bounce off each other, and even the “bad guys” get sufficient time and have wonderful dynamics with the characters they meet. There is no real good or bad, there is human nature and all its wonderful shades of grey, from the light (Alana), to the mid-shades (Jack) to the dark (Hannibal.)

From a fan girl perspective I just love everyone and can’t wait to see Hannibal being cheeky and cooking. Never has a man made cooking look so sexy.

I was only going to write a blog saying its coming back and started gushing already! The shame of it all really. But it is how much I have a passion for the show, it is a wonderfully balanced story with great characters and it didn’t get half the love it deserved. If the second series is only half as good as the first we’ll be in for such a treat, but we know it’ll be just as good and probably even more amazing so what we’re really in for is the best thing that is probably going to grace our screens all year!

I can not wait!

Hannibal Season 2 : Excitement Building

So anyone following my other blog last year will know that from the moment I watched the first episode of Hannibal I was hooked. From Apéritif all the way to Savoureux I was hooked and the day the DVD appeared in ASDA was the day I brought it home to cherish forever.

Now we are weeks away from the big Season 2 premier and I can’t be more excited if I tried!

But what makes the show such a wonder to watch?

For me the strength of the casting went a long way to making it a great piece of television.

I’ll admit being slightly biased as I’ve always believed that Mads Mikkelsen is a greatly under appreciated actor and his turn as Hannibal for me proved it once again. There was something so normal and down to Earth about his Hannibal, I grew up with Hopkins as THE Hannibal that everyone knows and I could never really imagine him being just a normal person, Mikkelsen’s is. Maybe it is because it develops the friendship between Hannibal and Graham before Hannibal is “found out” but for me it managed to make me care about Hannibal, not because he was a genius, crazy or whatever else but I found myself agreeing with him and in the end believing in anything he’d say no matter if I knew it was a lie or not.

But for that to work you had to have a great Graham, and Hannibal did in Hugh Dancy. Seeing the world as Will Graham in this series is a complete headache, but like the deductions in Sherlock it became such a unique part of the series. Again you feel so sorry for this character and all the people around him as you follow him down a dark path that leads to… Well. You’ll have to watch Season 1 and find out won’t you?

But even then side characters are just so wonderfully brought to life. My favourite character of the whole series was the obsessive and socially inept Franklin. Such a sweet character that had so little to do with anything but who stood out not as a side character of little importance but as a gem of a character on the sidelines. Gillian Anderson as Dr Bedelia Du Maurier was another gem. She isn’t in much of the series (she’s Hannibals psychiatrist) but the understanding of Hannibal she has compared to ANYONE ELSE around him is amazing and you remember her.

I could go on, its the variety of characters in the show that I enjoyed so much. Caroline Dhavernas as Dr Alana Bloom, what a wonderfully strong character as the only person that really cares about Will. She was another stand out for the series. Laurence Fishburne as Detective Jack Crawford, do I need to say more about that man? And the amount of hatred I had for Freddie (or Fredricka as it was) Lounds was only down to how great Lara Jean Chorostecki played her! I mean its easy to just make Freddie a bad guy and leave it at that but you actually got to see her work and see the destruction she could cause and how far she’d go to do what she wanted.

There are literally too many great actors in this to even name any more! And I haven’t even mentioned any of the bad guys yet.

Because this isn’t a series devoted to 101 ways that Hannibal could kill people. No. It blended the detective drama of the likes of Sherlock and Elementary into a very character driven piece. Each week was a new mystery to be solved by the ever more ill Will Graham, being pushed without any real care by Crawford and prodded at every instance by Hannibal who treated him more like a science experiment then anything else. It was a show about the relationships of the characters, all the characters. It showed how their actions effected not only themselves but others in the wider sense. The murders and crimes were in the background of a much more character driven story that ended in a episode that left me speechless.

Some of the imagery was wonderful within the show from mushroom gardens and angels to the musical and the messy.

No I’m not going to give anything away, other then don’t watch Buffet Froid in the dark like my mum and sister did.

But that was the thing about it. It started with such a wonderful cast who took some wonderful scripts and made them more. I think out of all the stories the only one that disappointed me was Trou Normand and out of all the characters only Abigail failed to impress me. Out of 13 episodes and countless characters that really is brilliant going!

My excitement only raises for Season 2 with the publishing of photos (have you seen the one with Mads and Jack yet *drools*) and the trailer arriving online.

Personally for me it was one of the best things on TV last year. It deserved a lot more credit then it got and I thought eclipsed most of the “most talked about” shows on TV.

It might not be a epic fantasy like Game of Thrones or a wonderfully put together mystery like Broadchurch was, but it was different and it was great TV. I liked that it felt small, it didn’t feel like the whole world cared about these things, it was just the team, all that mattered where the people there on screen.

I will be watching Season 2 eagerly, just a shame that Gideon might not be there *sigh*.

If you haven’t yet watched Season 1, please go out and buy the DVD or track it down on TV if it gets repeated. It is a wonderful show full of amazing characters. If you aren’t left as speechless as me by the last episode you’ll probably still have fallen in love with Alana (and if you haven’t then the naughty step for you because she’s awesome!)

And yes I will be blogging my reaction to Season 2 on here and my personal blog as well as talking about it in our Hannibal thread at http://www.geekminds.board.net .