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RAW 9/7/15 Review

Another catch up blog. The SmackDown before was hardly something to write home about so I’m looking for a much more interesting RAW.

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WWE SummerSlam 2015 Review

The big 4 hour blockbuster of a event that everyone is talking about is here. As long as we remember what time its on of course.

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SummerSlam 2015 Predictions

I’m early for a change with all this so here we go with the Predictions for SummerSlam.

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The Road to SummerSlam 2015

The biggest event of the Summer is here and it is going to be a mega 4 hours of wrestling.

Or so we’ve been told a few million times. NXT Take Over kicked off a mega week of WWE wrestling last night with more then just a bang, I think Bayley and Sasha Banks blew a crater in Brooklyn last night. The question at least for this blog is how did the main roster get to SummerSlam and can they destroy the remains of Brooklyn tonight?

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SmackDown 8/20/15 Review

The last SmackDown and last event before SummerSlam. We’re looking at a good one here. Hopefully.

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RAW 8/17/15 Review

The last RAW before SummerSlam and there are stories to ramp up and contracts to sign.

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SmackDown 13/8/15 Review

A day of wrestling continues with SmackDown. The penultimate SmackDown before SummerSlam.

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RAW 10/8/15 Review

I do love the fact that the beginning of nearly every single of these blogs are me and Pete apologising for either being late or not knowing why the other hasn’t done the blog. But I don’t know why Pete hasn’t and seeing I’m catching up with it I thought I’d do both blogs today (and my NXT one soon!)

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RAW 8/3/15 Review

I actually did start a review last week before getting called away and forgetting that I hadn’t finished it so I’m sorry I missed RAW last week though Anna did a great job of reviewing it in my place.

It’ll be a sad one tonight as we also have to say goodbye to another legend, the one and only Roddy Piper.

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SmackDown 30/7/15 Review

Not that long ago I posted my RAW review. I know that it is actually still July and not the end of August, I apologise for my lack of checking on my date. Anyway onto SmackDown.

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