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F1 : Australian Grand Prix 2016

Well Qualifying was a event in some unspeakable way.  I’m not sure the idea of “shaking up the grid” with it really worked all it managed to do was end Qualifying with 3 minutes on the clock still.

Its the race that counts thought.

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F1 : Australian GP Qualifying 2016

So F1 is back.

With it we now have Channel 4 picking up the free to TV deal, half the races live and half in highlight form.

Amanda will be reviewing it again but until she’s back I’ve said I’ll give it a go. She hadn’t done qualifying reviews before and I can’t remember the last time I’ve attempted it so stick with me as I find the best way to review the new qualifying format.

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Monaco F1 Grand Prix 2015

Spain proved to be a extremely boring race but one that brought along a result that COULD potentially change the season.



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Spanish F1 Grand Prix 2015

I apologise that there wasn’t a race preview this week I was absolutely sure I’d done one and as I was away at the beginning of the week and didn’t come back till the end of the week when it was a bit late to write one! Not a mistake I plan on making again!

It feels like a lifetime since the last race though!

We left off with quite a fun race in the desert of Bahrain and another win for Lewis Hamilton.

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F1 : Malaysia 2015 GP Preview

Race Day : 29th March

The season opener in Melbourne was nothing to write home about. In fact the off track drama overshadowed the on track lack of drama pretty badly.

That isn’t to say there was nothing to talk about at all. The Mercedes look scarily in charge still and Hamilton has gone back to another level that Rosberg is going to have to top if he wants to challenge his team mate. Williams looks fighty and the Ferrari looks better then it has in recent years, but then again Red Bull look like they’ve taken a step back (or at least the Renault engine has) so maybe the Ferrari just looks better because more people are falling down instead of catching up?

Either way the race was quite dull and we only had 11 finishers from I believe 15 starters anyway! Fernando Alonso was replaced and his replacement never made it to the grid, which might have been a blessing for Kevin as Jenson seemed to be using the race as a extra test day just rolling around at the back of a grid with a bit of a squabble with the Force India of Sergio Perez.

We look to the Grand Prix of Malaysia to turn these things around for us!

Drivers Championship Top 5

1: Lewis HAMILTON 
2 : Nico ROSBERG      
3 : Sebastian VETTEL
4 : Felipe MASSA         
5 : Felipe NASR            

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Australian F1 Grand Prix 2015

The first race of the season rolled up, it feels like forever since the last one. We start on a blank page and see where we end up.

Mercedes look strong but there is always hope for someone to step up and beat them.

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F1 2015

This year I won the F1 rights on Believe in Geek.

We haven’t had the best of runs with F1 with most of us admitting that in recent years or love for the sport has been low and we don’t tend to watch it much after the middle of the season.

As we’ve said this year we are working hard to make sure we say we’ll do something and do it so I decided to take over F1.

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The Great F1 Dream #11 : McLaren Mercedes

Ferrari and their 878 race starts was our topic last time. This time we’ve got McLaren and their 751 race starts (757 races.)

The British team was founded by New Zealander Bruce McLaren and is the second oldest Formula One team active at the moment (only being beaten by Ferrari.)

So from their first race at the 1966 Monaco GP to their latest race lets talk McLaren?

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Formula 1 Pirelli Magyar Nagydij 2014

We have changeable weather (raining in the morning) at the Budapest track over the weekend and we are looking at an exciting race today.

Starting Grid
Pole : Nico Rosberg
Second : Sebastian Vettel
Third : Valtteri Bottas
Fourth : Daniel Ricciardo
Fifth : Fernando Alonso
Sixth : Felipe Massa
Seventh : Jenson Button
Eighth : Jean-Éric Vergne
Ninth : Nico Hulkenberg
Tenth : Kevin Magnussen

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Hungarian Grand Prix Preview

The Hungaroring will be host to the 11th round of the Formula One Championship.

The race has been a feature on the calender sine 1986 and is not reknowned for being a action packed and exciting race.

Still you never know do you?

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