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The Boys : The Female of the Species

We have drugs, we have characters with God Complexes and we have Hughie being adorable because Hughie is the best.

Reaching the half way point to the season and the group is starting to beef up and the action is getting crazy. Though at least not kind of as crazy as the second episode.

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The Boys : Get Some

Well things have got pretty intense pretty fast in the world of Supes and all that. From them falling foul of human nature, them being horrible people to being used as a pawn in a game of chess for a companies power.

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The Boys : Cherry

You want to see what Superheroes would really be like?

Honestly I want to say that if Superheroes were real this is probably what they would be like. Some bright sparks hoping to make the world a better place but the top usually being a grimy place to be.

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The Boys : The Name of the Game

I had never heard of the comic book but with Karl Urban and some interesting trailers it strangely enough ended up being the show I was looking most forward to this year so far.

Well other than some other things that I guess.

Small spoilers ahead.

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Happy Birthday Karl Urban

The big birthday tradition now of course. Today is the 43rd birthday of the lovely New Zealand actor Karl Urban. Oh how I love him. He’s been a favourite actor of mine since the early 00s and has really been in about 4 or 5 of my top 10 movies of all time. In fact all 5 of those are in this list today.

Honestly this man doesn’t get half the credit he deserves for being one of the best actors I think I’ve ever seen. Period.

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