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Death Note : New World [END]

Episode 37

Shinsekai (新世界)

Finally at the end and I won’t bother you with a intro…

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Death Note : Vigilance

Episode 34

Koshi (虎視)

Light has a lot of egotistical plates spinning right now and he needs to be careful of what his next move is going to be. Everyone around him has their own motivations and whilst most of them hero-worship him for the non-blind idiots its becoming more and more obvious that Light is in the centre of the Kira circle.

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Death Note : Scourn

Episode 33

Choushou (嘲笑)

So everything is going OK for Light who has a new girlfriend, is in touch with his protegee, pretty much convinced everyone he’s innocent by being the most guilty git going once again. Only the preview that says he’ll play N’s game makes me truly happy.

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