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RAW 6/7/15 Review

I said I would no longer be doing the review but I got a e-mail this morning telling me that Pete had fallen asleep during RAW and that he had to re-watch to do his review.

So at first I was like yeah hit me up when you do that because as long as it isn’t when I’m at work or stupid O’Clock in the morning I’d do it with him.

Then I woke up to #CenaVsCesaro and I fangirled and here I am. Stealing his blog. He should’ve done a better job. So rejoice friends because for one more review I am here.

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SmackDown 2/7/15 Review

My last wrestling review….

Well no because I’m still doing NXT but my last WWE review manages to be SmackDown…. Late.

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RAW 29/6/15 Review

Late as always I apologise but the good news is Pete is back this week and I believe he will be live for RAW.

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SmackDown 25/6/15 Review

So carrying on with the wrestling catch up and we’re at SmackDown.

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RAW 22/6/15 Review

Yes there is very little point in doing a review on something nearly a week old but I thought I’d do it anyway.

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SmackDown 11/6/15 Review

So my catch up with WWE has gotten to the point of SmackDown which I haven’t really missed seeing I usually watch it during the day on a Friday!

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RAW 8/6/15 Review

Extremely late I know but it is now here and ready to upset even more people.

NOTE : Thanks to misunderstandings on my Smackdown blog I have a warning. ALL opinions in this blog are mine and only mine. Feel free to comment on them and let your opinions be known but they ARE opinions and not official stands of the blog or opinions that are shared by all of us. This is NOT a professional blog and has always and will always be a fan blog with opinion pieces. I might not like your favourite wrestler but you don’t have to like mine either.

ALSO and this is very important I KNOW WRESTLING IS SCRIPTED I know that wrestlers say what they have to say and do what they have to do. I know that decisions come from higher then the wrestlers themselves and never thought otherwise (well as a kid I thought it was all real but there you go) I review what I see so if Seth Rollins comes down and bitches like a baby I comment on SETH ROLLINS bitching like a baby whilst KNOWING that it is a character, a story and not actually the wrestlers fault but the point is in the story SETH ROLLINS WILL BE BITCHING LIKE A BABY SO I WILL GODDAMN REVIEW HIS BITCHING. So calm the shit down.

I will NOT be writing this warning in front of EVERY SINGLE BLOG I have to write. This is the one time warning. If you are too precious to hear that someone doesn’t like something you like then please feel free to not read what I write. If you can not fathom the notion that people can dislike things without hating them, bad mouthing them or wanting them to disappear then please feel free to not read what I write. And if you can not tell a joke when it hits you in the face then please feel free to not read what I write. I respect all wrestlers but like everyone else in the world I have ones I support and ones I don’t support, I don’t hate any of them but I CAN dislike their wrestling or their characters or even their stories AT THIS MOMENT even better is that, like you, I am able to change that opinion with the changing of stories, characters and matches. You are free to come and give your opinion in the comments, in fact you are encouraged to do so as long as it is in a polite and friendly way knowing that 99% of what we write and say is meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner or that when we do get upset/angry about something it doesn’t come from the deluded place that we know better or that we hate everyone we don’t support but because THAT IS WWE’S JOB! To make people passionate one way or the other about things.

So in essence just fucking chill.

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RAW Review 6/1/15

Everyone needs to know what is going to happen next after Dean Ambrose ran away with the title belt last night.

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SmackDown Review 5/28/15

We’ve closed into Elimination Chamber. One last push to the WWE Network exclusive PPV.

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RAW Review 5/25/15

After a bit of a lackluster SmackDown we are on the last RAW before Elimination Chamber this Sunday.

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