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Doctor Who : Rosa

We have the third episode of the new series take us back in the past to meet someone rather important.

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Doctor Who : The Ghost Monument

Series 11 started with a bang, we have a entire group of companions, a new and exciting Doctor and many new adventures to go on.

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Doctor Who : The Woman Who Fell to Earth

As you might have noticed we completely gave up on Doctor Who half way through the Twelfth Doctor years, that is absolutely fine seeing that the Doctor regenerates all the time giving people a chance to either fall in love with a whole new version of their favourite hero or shrug it off for a little bit and come back later on.

As we really were born from the 50th anniversary of this show it makes sense to jump back in and give the Thirteenth Doctor a chance.

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Broadchurch : Episode 3

Two weeks of “everything in the world is the fault of Ellie.” Two weeks of Hardy running around like a crazed mad man after Claire. Two weeks.

This week. Well it starts much better off with Ellie actually getting a backbone and telling Beth to shut it so she can help deliver her baby.

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Broadchurch : Episode 2

Series 2, Episode 2

After a bit of a disappointing opening episode we return once more to Broadchurch.

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