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Intergender Wresting Part 2?

So I’ve made one blog in the past about my view on Intergender wrestling, there has been a big thing with someone tweeting Jimmy Havoc saying it is ruining wrestling so I thought I’d make another one making my views even clearer on the subject.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : No Regrets

So I finally got to the end of Road to No Regrets so the obvious next step is to actually WATCH No Regrets.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Road to No Regrets

I know this came out in three parts on YouTube and has been up for ages but I have been busy and kept meaning to review it and never got around to it but HERE I AM ready to review it late as always.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Lights Out 2018

Sorry its late but I’ve been doing nights and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit and watch it, though there is a good chance I won’t be watching it in one piece anyway.

The last few weeks of DEFIANT have been kinda meh but Lights Out looks to be one of the best PPVs they’ve done so far.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #12

So we have a tag team championship match and as well as the last of the qualifying matches for the Magnificent Seven match at Lights Out.

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DEFIANT Wrestling / IPW : Defiant #9

This week Billy Wood is trying to get rid of the tag team champions by making them fight each other for the Hardcore belt before fighting for their Tag Team belts.

Gonna be fun.

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Defiant #6

We have the DEFIANT Wrestling vs IPW story in full swing, we have a crazy preacher converting people to his side and we have Alex Gracie monologue-ing at himself on a nearly weekly basis. DEFIANT Wrestling has very much made their show a much watch every single week.

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