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Doctor Who : The Witches Familiar

I wasn’t that impressed with the opening episode of Doctor Who’s brand new series but you can’t judge a two-parter on the basis of its first episode without giving it a chance of redeeming the story in the second!

Though I do always feel Doctor Who, when doing two-parters, should have each individual episode as watchable without the other as any other episode. But that is a discussion for another time.

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Doctor Who : Kill The Moon -Spoilers-

There are many reasons why I haven’t reviewed anything after Caretaker and the big reason is this episode right here.

Kill the Moon is one of those episodes that could just be any kind of episode but it also has a big moral question that is very close to a lot of people’s lives.

So why didn’t I like Kill the Moon?

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Doctor Who : Listen -Spoilers-

Sorry that I’m a bit late on the reviews, I’ll have this weeks review up tomorrow!

But first we have a Moffat classic to talk about. Steven Moffat is known for taking the everyday things that creep you out (or sometimes don’t!) and make them scare you more then you can imagine. From Stone Angels to Shadows.

Now he wants you to sit and Listen…. And become terrified of the quiet around you!

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Doctor Who : Robots of Sherwood -Spoilers-

The third episode of the series brings the light hearted nature of Doctor Who back, a fun romp with Robin Hood written by Mark Gatiss.

I’ve always enjoyed Gatiss penned stories so was so happy to see a story by him in the first half of the series, even happier to see that it tackled a story with Robin Hood!

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