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Game of Thrones (11 hours played)

Game of Thrones is one of the biggest franchises in the world. People love it or they hate it. Its bloody, its political, it makes you think. Spanning over many different regions with a whole host of strange, wonderful, deadly, traitorous characters at the heart of it.

Telltale games not only brought that to a game but it didn’t bother with the already stuffed cast of characters. It created its own House, its own war within a war, its own politics and pain.

It took me 11 hours over 6 different episodes to finish the game. Trust me that play time could triple in the future.

In the beginning of my blog reviewing Episode 6 I said I figured out why I didn’t want to play the last game (and then gave it probably the best review of all the games) so what was that reason?

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