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Scream Queens : Seven Minutes in Hell

We ended last episode with Chanel and Zayday getting ready for the vote on next Kappa President…

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Scream Queens : Pumpkin Patch

I’m sorry my reviews are late on Scream Queens. Before Pete was taken to hospital and I agreed to review them for him I hadn’t actually watched any of it so I had to catch up with the first few episodes and hadn’t found time to watch the last two till now.

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Halloween Resurrection (2002)

The final Halloween of the original run of movies was brought out in 2002.

It carried on where H20 left off and devised a whole new way to terrorize youngsters with the iconic Michael Myers returning once more when we thought we’d finally seen the back of him.

Jamie Lee Curtis returned to reprise her role of Laurie Strode but the film was mainly hit with negative reviews.

As this ended up being the goodbye to Myers did it do the series justice?

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Halloween H20 (1998)

After a strange outing for Michael and the death of Jamie Lloyd Halloween went back to basics with H20 and brought back the original Myers relative, Laurie. Played once more by Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween H20 (or 20 years later) did its best to forget what had just came before it, wrote back in the dead Laurie and try to piece together a movie that would be much more popular then its last couple outings.

Only the second film without Doctor Loomis in it after Pleasance’s death in ’95 (he wasn’t in Halloween 3 before this) it is safe to say Halloween H20 had a lot to live up to.

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Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch (1982)

After two outings for Michael Myers the Halloween movies took a slightly different turn in 1982. With the thought of making the Franchise into a Anthology Series instead of bringing back Michael Myers, Season of the Witch brought in a completely new story, new themes and even a new genre departing from Slasher Movies and moving onto Witchcraft (not that you wouldn’t have noticed with the name.)

It was the first movie not to star Michael Myers or Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie let alone Daniel Pleasence as Dr. Loomis.

The film flopped, people didn’t like it and when Halloween finally reared its head again Michael Myers was back in the lead role. For me though I’m not so negative about Halloween 3.

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Halloween 2 (1981)

In 1981, three years after the original, Michael Myers didn’t just return to terrorise the screens again but he returned in a movie set directly after the events of the first movie.

Halloween 2 all happens on the same night as Halloween and that is why I continue the Halloween Season reviewing Halloween 2 as its kind of like a part two of a story.

It saw the return of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), Dr Loomis (Donald Pleasence) as well as Michael Myers (played by Dick Warlock.)

Can a film that worked because of its simplicity come back and wow its audience again?

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Halloween (1978)

We aren’t saying that Halloween was the first, but in 1978 John Carpenter created Michael Myers. The success of the Halloween movie and its Silent Stalking Monster spawned the 80s Slasher boom. Halloween became the mould to which Slasher movies then adhered to, even to this day when the big name series have been rebooted.

For many Halloween is the essential Slasher movie. For others its just the essential Halloween movie.

With the original Slasher victim-survivor Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis, the giant hulk of Michael Myers (played by Nick Castle, Tony Moran and Will Sandin) as well as the ever action packed and panicked Dr Loomis played by Donald Pleasence the movie truly saw the birth of everything we’ve been talking about in the last two weeks.

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Scream Queens : Haunted House

You’d think at some point this show would run out of people to kill? The thing is every week people seem to die but at the same time the cast doesn’t feel like its getting any smaller. Strange world really…. Though the bodies are all disappearing.

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Scream Queens : Chainsaw

The first two episodes of Scream Queens were some of the best TV I’ve seen in ages. The murder mystery continues.

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Scream Queens : Hell Week

The murder frenzy continues as Kappa Kappa Tau continues to stumble through Hell Week whilst bodies just keep dropping.

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