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365 Challenge : Musical

What roles does music play in my life?

Well if you asked me simplistic questions like “have you heard of so-and-so” or “what type of music do you like” you might think I have no real interest in music.

You’d be half right.

For me music isn’t about putting things in departments and scorning those who like something different. Like just about everyone on the planet for me music is about therapy more then anything. Of course certain things I don’t like and for every mood there is the perfect mixture of music to help calm life down.

I love sitting with my headphones in reading a book or just sitting in the park watching the world go by. Its the one time I feel truly alive. When I’m sad I love to listen to heartbreaking songs and remind myself that pain is only a fleeting thing and that billions of others will feel the same way that I do at any given second, heck countless people might be feeling the same way and listening to the same song just to get over it.

Like most things music has its way of bringing people together and giving us a bond that we wouldn’t otherwise have.

I might not know a whole lot about music but it plays one of the most important roles in my life.