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Home (2015)

A film about a alien invasion. A film about not fitting in. A film about friendship.

Dreamworks film Home interested me from the moment I read about it, to the moment I finished watching it. The voice cast includes Jim Parsons as Oh (a Boov), Rihanna as Tip (a local girl with her cat), Jennifer Lopez as Lucy Tucci (Tips mother and known most of the movie as My Mum) and Steve Martin as Captain Smek (the scaredy cat leader of the Boov.)

On paper it looks extremely childish but that is only on paper my friends.

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365 Challenge : Places

I have been lucky enough to travel a little and if I’m honest if I had to choose a place that I loved the most it would be here in Plymouth.

Not to sound like a ass but I moved away when I was 16 and instead of going to uni I got a job and saved up to travel. I’ve been to many countries and cities, stayed in some for months on end and others for mere days.

After all that though when I had a choice of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do with my life I choose to come home to Plymouth.

It always makes Anna laugh because she’s from Plymouth but unlike me she has never left. I do genuinely love my home city though. The fact that you are never too far away from the sea or fields or city life or whatever. I find people here nicer and friendlier then anywhere I have stayed and I miss it when I’m gone.

I guess there is nowhere better to be then home?

Diary #6 : Fantastical Books and the Impression they leave

I will start with a question.

Is there a universe out there that you’ve read about in a book that just seems so real and alive to you that it upsets you deep inside that it isn’t real and you aren’t there? Are there characters that touch your heart so tenderly that you don’t care if people think you are stupid but as far as you are concerned you know them? You are more emotionally attached to them and their plight then you are of real life people right in front of you?

If you have I’d love to know which ones so leave me a message in the comments. If not then why not?

Let me tell you about some of mine…

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365 Challenge : Burnt

Yesterday I had to save five things but obviously there is still a whole house full of stuff that I’d have had to leave behind.

Obviously the normal stuff like my computer, TV and a whole bunch of books. Piles of DVDs would be gone as would a whole bunch of other electronics and luxuries. All my clothes, bed sheets, the curtains I spent days looking for to make the front room look perfect. All of it.

None of that has any real kind of value over a monetary one. I can buy them all and have insurance that will help me out with replacing the bigger things.

There are smaller things of more a sentimental value then those of course like other photos that me and my OH have including ones from when both of us were kids and others from the early days of our relationship. My diary which I keep under my pillow in proper good old fashioned girly ritual, it doesn’t mean too much to me now but if I ever had lost my memory I guess I would be glad to have it over my mobile phone! Jewellery that I barely wear and never think about that actually mean a lot to me like stuff my gran left me when she died and the first necklace my OH brought me. He might not like to admit it but I have a whole box of love letters from him, well our relationship was long distance after all so at the beginning even though we had e-mail and text even back then, not quite as easily but still easy enough, there is nothing like a letter from the person you love.

As of yet I don’t think I’ve accumulated things that would mean enough to me that their loss would really truly upset me. The things I’ve just mentioned would be closest.

Then again there is always the thought that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone and that would be the biggest part of it. Even though its materialistic the gadgets you have are what you are used too to the point that you can kid yourself into believing that they have wrapped themselves around your habits. So it’ll take a long time to get used to a whole new home full of them.

And of course that is the number one thing lost isn’t it? Our home. This isn’t just a house its our home, its where we have lived for a few years, its where our life is. You don’t really think about it but the big structure we’re sat in, the bricks and carpets and wallpaper and such would all be gone. It’ll probably be the thing I missed the most but its also the one thing you couldn’t save.

Actually now I feel sad. I don’t want my home to burn in a fire. Ever.

365 Challenge : Burning Down the House

Five things I’d save from a burning house?

Thankfully its says that all people and animals are safe so lugging out the OH isn’t a problem I need to deal with!

Looking around its hard to really think about what I’d want to save!

My glasses are the first thing I’ll grab, I’d need too else I’d probably walk right into the fire. I’m not really that great without my glasses!

Then on my way down the stairs I guess my favourite hoodie which hangs in front of the door. My OH brought it for me a long time ago and I don’t know why I love it so much but I do and I’d be sad to see it gone.

Third, and now I’d be running back on myself, would probably be the photo hanging in my front room. It isn’t too big so I’d be able to get it out quite easily. The photo is of me and my OH on holiday a few years ago, its one of the nicest photos I have of us both so it’ll be nice to keep it.

Fourth……. Oh shit my phone! I’ve left it on my bedside cabinet! I’ll need to run possibly back through the fire, patting down the scorch marks as I go, to grab that.

And seeing I nearly set myself on fire for a phone and a photo I’ll probably need to grab a change of clothes now too before running out the house with my arms bulging!

All I hope is that my OH doesn’t kill me for running around like a crazy person.

365 Challenge : Safe… Land… Sad…

Today is a game of word association. So I guess my job is to explain the title.

Home = Safe. It wasn’t just the word house it was home and home is something you have to build for yourself. You build it TO feel safe in it, it becomes your sanctuary. Its also the only word out of the three that no word actually DID pop into my head, I kind of just sat there thinking Home… Home… Home….

Soil = Land. OK it is a bit of a cop out but it was also the first and only word that came into my mind. Without the soil we have nothing. We should look after our land more then we do but we never think about it.

Rain = Sad. I don’t know why either. Again maybe its obvious, I mean enough films, TV shows and cartoons/anime have sad characters followed by rain clouds. The rain doesn’t have to be about sadness though. Rain brings life with it, it waters the plants outside. Its essential for us.

I’m terrible at word association if I’m honest! They say the first thing that comes to your mind but usually my mind goes blank!

So… You guys out there. What is the first word that comes to your mind when I say Home, Soil or Rain at you?

365 Challenge : Clean Slate

As I attempt to look around my living room like I’ve never seen it before I can’t help but feel like I need to dust more. I thought I’d share that with you.

I’m not good at reading people so I’m not sure how good I’m going to be at reading this room but I’ll try it anyway.

The room is pretty small, our abode is small in general. Someone, with less taste then a dead fish, decided that black and purple splodged together would make a great theme in the room. The threadbare purple couch has seen better days as has the armchair shoved in the corner at what the owner possibly things is a jaunty angle. They look well worn but cared for indicating to me that the people who live here like to sit around and watch TV, something I wouldn’t blame them seeing they have a giant TV attacked to the wall just above their fake fireplace.

The unit next to the TV shows that the couple, I can tell its a couple living here for the copious amount of vanity shots of them both adorning both the walls and the fake mantle place, points to them being great lovers of trashy RomComs and never seeing a BluRay player in their life. Other then the dust everything is in a ridiculous state of tidiness.

One painting hovers above the couch. It shows even more lack of taste really.

If I was looking at this room and had to guess the kind of people living in the house I could honestly say I wouldn’t think of myself.

Its dark and gloomy, trying to hard to be a hip place to put your feet up and relax. Other then the photographs there is nothing that really hits you that a person lives there. Its clean and clinical (if a tad dusty.)

I claim aliens.

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