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Diary #30 : Depression doesn’t stop for the holidays!

I very much hope that every single one of you had a lovely Christmas and getting to have a lazy Boxing Day. For those who had to work I hope people treat/ed you with respect and it went well and for those who celebrate other holidays or nothing at all I hope you just had a good day!

Whilst it is easy to think that for one day a year people can just turn off their feelings and get in the Christmas mood that just doesn’t happen.

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Diary #26 : Days like today…

I’ve tried to touch on the vicious circle of poor sleep, poor waking up and depression before but seeing today was such a big day for me for really random reasons I thought I’d let everyone know about why days like today are my absolutely biggest fear.

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Week 26

27th July – 2nd August

Week 16 Question :
Your views on mainstream music?

Don’t be a snob. Everyone likes different things so let them alone to enjoy what they like.

Plus if you are close minded about music then you’ll let some things slip by you that you could really like. I have known many people (no this isn’t main stream but its a example) who refuse to listen to German/Japanese/Italian music I have on my computer because they won’t understand the words but then listen to them and like them but still refuse to listen to more.

Music is music is music. Who cares what is mainstream or not? Let people enjoy what they want to enjoy and enjoy what you want to enjoy.

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