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Death Note : Vigilance

Episode 34

Koshi (虎視)

Light has a lot of egotistical plates spinning right now and he needs to be careful of what his next move is going to be. Everyone around him has their own motivations and whilst most of them hero-worship him for the non-blind idiots its becoming more and more obvious that Light is in the centre of the Kira circle.

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Death Note : Scourn

Episode 33

Choushou (嘲笑)

So everything is going OK for Light who has a new girlfriend, is in touch with his protegee, pretty much convinced everyone he’s innocent by being the most guilty git going once again. Only the preview that says he’ll play N’s game makes me truly happy.

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Death Note : Justice

Episode 30

Seigi (正義)

Well… In the preview for this episode Light talked about making Kira justice. He knows if he loses that Kira will just be another murderer in the history books who terrorised for 5 years before being brought down, he’s out to make sure that doesn’t happen. With a whole episode of him vs Mello and with N not actually doing anything I’m starting to wonder if it even matters.

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Death Note : Father

Episode 29

Chichioya (父親)

We had Light, N and Mello up against each other in the last episode. Whilst it looked like N was helping Light there is helping him and then helping him…. If you catch my drift.

It looks like the three of them might just kill each other. Or the rest of the world will burn whilst they play games with each other.

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Death Note : Impatience

Episode 28

Shousou (焦燥)

We now have two new faces in the game. Both have a upper hand on Light as they are going into this investigation with the knowledge that L had, believing in everything L had learnt and a fierce passion to prove they are the next L.

What Light has in his favour though is a bunch of incompetent men who worship the ground he walks on even though in 5 years he’s done diddlysquat by the looks of it.

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