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Plunderer : Hunch

Episode 6

We’ve had a lot happen in this series so far but not actually that much when you think about it. Characters have wandered far and wide, the military are always on Licht’s back and throughout it all Nana hasn’t had a single compliment on her cooking…

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Plunderer : Don’t Apologise, Apologise

Episode 5

We’ve waited a week for the big show down between Licht and Jail. Who will come out on top?

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Plunderer : I Hate You!

Episode 2

Daikkirai!” (だいっきらい!)

This is a world were peoples lives depend on the number they have had printed on them I guess since birth.

To be honest we know little about the numbers but the numbers are the interesting part because they make no sense and are totally bonkers.

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