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Death Note : Impatience

Episode 28

Shousou (焦燥)

We now have two new faces in the game. Both have a upper hand on Light as they are going into this investigation with the knowledge that L had, believing in everything L had learnt and a fierce passion to prove they are the next L.

What Light has in his favour though is a bunch of incompetent men who worship the ground he walks on even though in 5 years he’s done diddlysquat by the looks of it.

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Death Note : Silence

Episode 25

Chinmoku (沈黙)

Light is fully aware of everything that is happening. Misa is fully aware and once more has her Shinigami eyes. I honestly believe that L knows what is happening but will walk to his death anyway.

This might be a sad episode.

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Death Note : Revival

Episode 24

Fukkatsu (復活)

It isn’t hard to guess what the revival is going to be. With Higuchi caught, the Notebook in police hands and all the evidence to what is going on being seen by L, Light and Misa it can’t be long before L figures it all out.

Or at least a lot of it anyway.

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Death Note : Guidance

Episode 22

Yuudou (誘導)

So it has been a while since I reviewed Death Note, I do apologise for the very long wait for basically the last half of the episodes to be reviewed. I’m going back in cold as I haven’t actually watched it for a little longer then the review actually came out but we’re going for the end.

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