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WoS Episode 7

We had our tag team champions crowned last week, a break up of the Bromance, Hendry finally getting one over on Kirby and all the action we have come to love.

Sorry it is late but here is my review of episode 7.

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WOS Episode 5

At the halfway mark and this weeks show looks to be the most action packed so far!

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WOS Episode 3

Once again due to work, being knackered and in a lot of pain I am so behind on WoS but here is my review of episode 3 and hopefully I’ll be watching episode 4 live tomorrow as I’m not working (well I am in the morning.)

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DEFIANT Wrestling : Lights Out 2018

Sorry its late but I’ve been doing nights and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to sit and watch it, though there is a good chance I won’t be watching it in one piece anyway.

The last few weeks of DEFIANT have been kinda meh but Lights Out looks to be one of the best PPVs they’ve done so far.

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5* Wrestling : Episode 3 Sheffield

Not the best review ever, I missed one match then lost the live stream half way through when Twitch and Facebook stopped streaming and by the end wasn’t really paying too much attention because I was sulking that I’d missed Hendry vs Big Grizzly and Nathan Cruz wasn’t wrestling.

Still…. Review is here.

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