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5 Things… 5 Things this season of GLOW messed up in some way

So obviously there is going to be spoilers here and the biggest one can’t be hidden which is that I was a little disappointed with the return of one of my absolute favourite shows.

So here are 5 things that really ruined GLOW this year for me.

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GLOW : A Very GLOW Christmas

Episode 10

It is the final episode and it is Christmas! With it being Christmas I’m guessing that everything will be OK in the end…

I kind of hope that it won’t be, I mean it never tends to in GLOW but it feels like we’ll have something that stupid happen with the way this stupid season has gone.

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GLOW : The Libertines

Episode 9

Everything is basically out of the window at this point so I’m just going to enjoy the craziness and not hope that any story is ever going to make any kind of sense.

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GLOW : Keep Ridin

Episode 8

It’s the 50th show in Vegas which, with one of the best opening scenes the show has ever done, suddenly turns into the 200th and we are ready for more laughs, tears and probably no where near enough wrestling.

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GLOW : Outward Bound

Episode 6

With the bombshell of GLOW staying at the Fan-Tan for another 9 months it is time for the girls to get out and spend some time together in the wilderness.

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GLOW : Freaky Tuesday

Episode 5

In a episode that reminds me I should never worry too much about where stories are going we get a bit of a spotlight on the fantastically wonderful Kia Stevens who if I haven’t told you a few hundred times before was a hero of mine in wrestling for many years.

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