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War and Peace : Episode 3

Drama is the only word to describe the happenings in War and Peace. We finished last weeks show with Pierre challenging Dolokhov to a duel after finding out that Dolokhov was sleeping with his wife Helene.

Who survives that challenge?

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War and Peace : Episode 2

There was a lot to get our heads around last week, especially if you have never read the book. So any characters and stories to get to know. Now that I have names and stories sorted in my head I’m sure it’ll only get better. Continue reading War and Peace : Episode 2

War and Peace

Another BBC adaptation of a classic to feast our eyes on already in 2016. A all star cast leads one beautiful show.

I have never read “War and Peace” and have no real idea whether I’ll like it or not but the trailers caught my attention so here I am.

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Hannibal : Antipasto

OK so last season I made a big deal about how great Hannibal season one was before I got really angry at season two and didn’t even finish reviewing it because every review just turned into a “OMG I HATE EVERYTHING” review.

I am back, hello! Hoping for less of the “oh poor Will, POOR Will, we won’t tell you why we now believe how wonderful he is but POOORRR WILL….” and more. Well. Hannibal.

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