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Life is Strange 2 : Wolves

We have finally reached the final chapter of the story of the Diaz brothers and whilst I will have a blog out some other time comparing my thoughts about LiS and LiS2 this blog is 100% about how I feel about the end of our journey.

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Blackwell Convergence (2 Hours Played)

The third game in the Blackwell series reunites us with our original ghostly dream team of Rosa and Joey.

With a name like convergence you can only assume that everything we’ve learnt so far is going to suddenly come together and make a much bigger picture…

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Planet Zoo Initial Thoughts

It has been quite some time since I wrote a Initial Thoughts blog on a game but here we are with the new Zoo Tycoon type game Planet Zoo.

Marketed on being beautiful and giving you not only the chance to build a zoo but to have animals with real personalities and all sorts in it obviously being the big nerd I am I went out and brought it even though I don’t really have the money.

Was it worth making myself poor over?

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The Unbelievable Joy that is Shenmue

With the third installment of a game that I have loved since I was a child out now after a 18 year wait I felt it is time to shine some love on the series as a whole because, specially if you don’t have that nostalgic love for the older games, what makes this series special might not come over well to new audiences.

So let me tell you why this magical series is so beloved.

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