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VOD : Cuphead // First Isle and not much raging

We here with a new VOD from Twitch with a play through of the first isle of Cuphead…

I actually honestly thought that I was going to do a lot worse in this game. 2 hours to complete the first round of bosses and levels isn’t too bad specially as I kept looking away to read the chat at the worst times, had troubles figuring out what buttons I wanted to have do what and then gave up and got a controller…

It wasn’t that bad.

I plan on finishing this AFTER I get my webcam which is on its way mainly because I can’t always concentrate on talking so it’ll be more funny to see my reactions then the silence I ended up having for most of it.

As always join us on Twitch, we affiliate now! Always a fun time to hang with the gang.


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Hey guys, I know it has been a bit annoying that I’ve been focusing a little more on streaming then writing but yesterday we hit the 50 followers we needed to become Affiliated.

What that means is that people can no subscribe to me and give me bits which, whilst I’m not going to be able to live off of the money I probably will make, means that I can make a little extra on the side over the course of the year which might help me stop worrying about some stuff and help me focus a little more.

I’m writing this to thank everyone for putting up with my basic begging for follows or for people to come and hang out, whilst the VODs will still be posted for those who enjoy them I promise I will stop posting randomly about it from now on.

Never believed that I would become Affiliated but here we are! Thank you everyone!

VOD : The Wolf Among Us // Episode 2 FULL PLAY THROUGH ~HOOKERS AND ALL THAT SHIT [Nudity in the episode]

So I finally got up to date with the VODs I can post and here is Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us, warning though we do go to a strip club in the game so there are boobies in the episode.

We also turning into a meme channel AND turned the channel fully Mature because I can’t help that I swear a whole bunch I’m afraid!

Follow us on Twitch for more random : https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

And Discord : https://discord.gg/8k7Hx87

VOD : The Wolf Among Us // Episode 1 ~We a BIG BAD WOLF BOI NOW~ Also… Update kinda

So as you all know I stream a few times a week over on Twitch and last week we did a giant stream streaming the first 4 episodes of The Wolf Among Us, we did then finish the final episode during the week but I recorded them all separately so they are in easy to view bite sized chunks.

Here is Episode 1 where we decide what kind of Wolfie we gonna be.

Not only that but to reach affiliate we needed 50 followers on Twitch, we are currently at 43! I never really thought I would reach affiliate status and right now I’m so close yet still in some ways so far so if you have Twitch and want to help us out please go follow me over there!


As for the Update….

I feel like I keep posting updates then not doing anything and there is a reason for that.

Ever since I was ill I’ve struggled to keep my attention on anything for any length of time. Whilst I can stream because I have people in my chat talking to me or at the heart of it I’m just playing a game when it comes to paying attention to TV or writing I’ve struggled a whole bunch.

I have done batches of reviews and edits in the last week or so it is just hard to concentrate and get things finished.

In fact it is so bad I struggle to even stay awake for long periods of time. Whether it is because of my depression, anxiety or just getting over being ill I have been napping quite a bunch which isn’t helpful at all.

Again I don’t mean for the streaming to ever take away from the writing but my mental health has been pretty poor for a number of months, even before isolation and all that kicked in, and it is just easier to focus on something that I don’t have to put as much effort into unlike writing.

That being said we are slowly making our way through reviews and have a few ready to be sent out next week, we are eyeing up what series we want to start and hoping to have them running throughout the end part of next week as well. All the movie reviews and things like that which I worked on when I didn’t have a laptop will also soon see the light of day.

It is just very hard sometimes to sit down and focus.

One last thing is we also have a Discord now! OK right now it is mainly to do with the streams but we would love more people to join, if we get many interested in anime we might branch the anime section off into its own thing! So join us over there too!


Animal Crossing New Horizons ~ The Game the World Needed ~

If you haven’t noticed the love that the new Animal Crossing on Switch has been getting then I feel like you might be one of the unlucky, or maybe lucky, few.

Gamers all over have taken to living a virtual Island life with animal friends in a time when most places are encouraging you to stay inside just as Spring is starting to hit us with nice weather. With a Pandemic making life extremely difficult for many a cute little game has taken the world by storm.

So how is Animal Crossing New Horizons helping the world in such a tough time?


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Animal Crossing STREAM HYPE!

So I am already 7 and a half hours deep into Animal Crossing on Twitch right now.

I’ve actually had to self isolate and been super ill all week, I’m losing my voice and my mind and barely done anything at all so would love if people wanted to come hang out in chat and cheer my sad ass up today!

Will be streaming most of the day or until my voice finally gives up.

Come hang!


VOD : Shawn the Hero ~FFVII ~ Welcome to Monday Farm ~ New Stardew Farm

Two VODS for you!

We started off the adventures of Shawn everyone’s favourite hero in FFVII. I fail to get picked by Don Coreno before losing my mind in Shinra tower.

Then later we offed Karen and created MONDAY FARM! A new Stardew Farm where we plan on bringing the evils of Joja to Stardew Valley.

Check us out on Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89
And join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/8k7Hx87

We playing Switch games tomorrow starting at 8am GMT (maybe earlier) and testing out the Elgato ahead of Animal Crossing next week.

VOD(s) ~ Dragon Age : Origins // Danganronpa TO THE END // Sonic Adventure Sonic && Tails Play Throughs // Darkest Dungeon CLUTCH Ending // Dynamite Headdy // Slay the Spire FOR THE FIRST TIME!


Well that is because I have a lot of VODS to throw at you because I’ve been bad at uploading them and sharing them.

For more Pro Gamer moments LIVE catch us at https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89 next stream is 8am GMT Friday. (You heard this here first we playin’ Final Fantasy 7 and maybe chilling out for a hour afterwards with Slay the Spire or Darkest Dungeon.)

For my schedule for the next few weeks and just to hang with the Monday Cult join us on Believe In Monday, our Discord server https://discord.gg/yTTvzw

First up this week we finished Danganronpa! WOO! So we have Chapter 5 in two parts because of problems and then Chapter 6.


You’ll notice that we now have a starting screen for Twitch but I promise I’ll start recording after I’ve said hello to stream from now on because I leave it on for too long to be honest.

I also played a little Dragon Age the other day, the game crashed at one point and the end of the VOD is crap but we’ll go back to it at some point no doubt and will try again. That stream didn’t go well in the end. Also there is a lot of talking about my personal life apparently because Travis was in chat and yeah…


Then last week I did a play through of Sonic Adventure DX. Well the full Sonic and Tails play through’s which was fun. You just need to skip to the end of the Sonic one and see how Pro Gamer I am at fighting final bosses.

WAIT there is more!

I also had a quick dabble in three other games.

First up was Dynamite Headdy really only to show it to Sean and I was playing it badly so when he left I just gave up.

Then we had a great game of Darkest Dungeon where you just need to watch the last part. Honestly don’t know how I pro gamer’d my way out of that one.

Then finally I played Slay the Spire on stream on Tuesday, I wasn’t very good at it but I had people telling me what to do so got much further then I thought.


Diary #35 : Another update + A proper end to the Anxiety Experiment

So I’ve been a bit of a bad but I’m trying to sort that out.

You might think I’ve put streaming before the website but that isn’t really true. I mean yeah I have been streaming a whole bunch when I might of wanted to be writing but there is a reason.

I’m going to go into that in a minute but because it is now a big part of my week and we are now kind of pretend trying to get to 50 followers just to see if we can I’ll put the link not only to our Twitch page but now our brand spanking new Discord server right here.

Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/awerka89

Discord : https://discord.gg/yTTvzw

The update part of this is that I have notes, first drafts and all sorts of EVERYTHING (nearly) that needs to be updated. I just need to sit down and write it all out. Pet has been delayed because I didn’t realise that I had totally forgotten to get the week before lasts review out, I don’t think it was even written. Everything else will be out ASAP.

Doctor Who and Inside No. 9 I’m only just getting up to date with so I’ve been avoiding Amanda’s reviews to avoid spoilers (I know a bad way of doing things but I’ve been super excited about both shows but had no time to watch them) they will 100% be out TODAY.

This weeks stuff I will hopefully get working on tomorrow and the weekend.

I will try and balance streaming and writing much better going forward, with new hours at work which will hopefully make me a little more motivated that shouldn’t be too hard, I’ll have a proper schedule a week in advance for streaming too which I’ll post in Discord. If not this month next month I’m hoping to have emotes on Discord too.

Below is a reason why I’ve been streaming more but please feel free to follow us and join us on the Discord. It isn’t just about streaming and gaming we have channels for all sorts so we’d like you to join in and hang out with us.

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VOD : 24th February 2020 – Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc Chapter 4 // 60 Seconds! Two Attempts not to die

We have three VODs for you today from a mega long stream yesterday.

First up we got through Chapter 4 of Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc…

We got the message that we are now at least half way through which means the next stream of that might end up being cut up as I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a whole bunch more left of the game but the rest of it is very long. Can’t wait.

Next up I did two runs of 60 Seconds!

It is nice to have a chill out game at the end of Danganronpa and 60 Seconds! is a whole bunch of fun. I like games like it and hope to play it more on the stream.

I do have a VOD from today too, it isn’t as long as Streamlabs seemed to die on me at the end and the end of the VOD is a mess but I’ll upload it soon and post it and we’ll see where we have to start up from again next time we play Dragon Age : Origins.

You learn way too much about us in that VOD too by the way.

As always come follow us and join the fun when we go live at :


Anime and all that will resume pretty soon. My mental health has still been pretty all over the place and I’ve been streaming to make me feel better but I’m back at work now so hopefully after I finish I’ll be able to get up to date.