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5 Things… 5 Wintery Pokemon I’d love to be friends with

So I am a geek that loves Pokemon and with Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee keeping me company this winter I thought we’d look at 5 Wintery Pokemon that at this time of the year I would love to be friends with.

Please feel free to tell me yours in the comments below!

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Sally Face Episodes 1-3

So we haven’t really done much when it comes to the films this season but I have been playing some horror games on Steam and the first one is possibly one of the biggest surprises I’ve had in my life.

The first game was Sally Face.

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Life is Strange 2 : Roads

Life is Strange is a game series that I am so in love with. We’ve battled through teenage angst, unlocked mysteries and fallen in love with LiS and BtS NOW we move onto something a little different as LiS moves to a completely different story which kind of started with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit and continues with Sean and Daniel Diaz…

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The Talos Principle Initial Thoughts (10 Hours Played)

I don’t know why but the Talos Principle was a game that was always on my Wishlist and I just never got around to buying it. When it ended up dirt cheap over the holidays I snapped it up but it hasn’t been until my holiday that I’ve bothered to look at it.

Can’t really remember what made me want to watch it but there was something about the impressive looking screenshots and the idea of playing a game as a robot that interested me. I literally had 0 idea what the game was about.

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My Time At Portia Initial Thoughts (19 Hours)

I keep coming back to this review and having to change the hours played on it. My Time At Portia is a Early Access game that I picked up on Monday and have honestly been obsessed with since.

If that isn’t going to tell you all you need to know I don’t know what will.

EDIT : I thought I had published this and went and played another 5 hours of the game SOME of the things I talk about I already NOW know the answer to so like I’m not changing it because I’m lazy and it was meant to be out 5 hours ago but also I know a 5 hours more knowledge then I did when I wrote it.

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