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Welcome to Bummertown Review

I didn’t get much in the Winter Sale but one game I did pick up was Welcome to Bummertown. A tongue in cheek adventure game set in the town of Bummertown, it has been living on my wishlist for pretty much forever now and it was finally time not only to buy it but surprisingly play it too.

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Islanders Initial Thoughts

I was very lucky to be given three games from someone for Christmas off of my wishlist and one of them was something that I put on my wishlist earlier in the year and totally forgot about.

That would be this game, Islanders that was released in April of this year.

Which TECHNICALLY means it can be, if I like it, put in my top games of 2019 list. Winning.

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Why Stardew Valley possibly remains my favourite game of the entire decade

Since I was a kid I have played video games. From learning to play them on my mum’s Commodore 64 to spending all my free time playing my Mega Drive or Saturn or the dear little Dreamcast.

I have to admit I might not have played any of the biggest games of the decade, I barely have the money to afford games most of the year, but the ones I do pick up tend to be ones that I fall in love with and none as much as that little Indie farming game that took the world by storm and won the hearts of millions.

That being Stardew Valley.

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To The Moon (5 Hours Played)

Another one of those random purchases that you can never remember exactly why you bought the game and then it sits in your library forever waiting for the day you are curious enough to try and remember what it was about the adverts or reviews or screencaps on Steam that made you want to play it.

Be warned though To The Moon is a game you should play with plenty of tissues on hand and never EVER before bedtime.

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Life is Strange vs Life is Strange 2 : Which is better?

Yeah it is a uninspiring title I get it but I’m here to tell you which of the two games I preferred and why.

From the moment we learnt that LiS2 was going to have a new cast of characters, focus on something very different from the first and would not see the return of Max and Chloe I felt a big proportion of the online fan base was against Life is Strange 2 but did they manage to make a game that changed minds or is Life is Strange just a game that can never be matched?

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Another Brick in the Mall Revisited

So back in 2017 I brought Another Brick in the Mall, a game that gave you the option to build your own Mall along with cinema’s, bowling alleys and a bunch of other things.

It is literally over 2 years ago now (the review came out May 2nd) and I went back to it after not really playing it for a while and felt like I wanted to update my thoughts.

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