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PWA Crowdfunder Signal Boost

I know… I had a horrible self promotion blog earlier and now I’m going to do my big puppy dog eyes and try and convince you to let go of some of your money to help a great company that ya’ll know I love by now.


My local wrestling company (Plymouth Wrestling Association) need your help.

Yeah we don’t really get many wrestling fans coming through even when we’re on the ball with reviews and the like but if this can just reach out to a few people who read it and pledge a little bit it means a lot to me.

For just £10 you can help the company plus gain a great DVD for your collection (or start a wrestling DVD collection) I was there for the 7th Anniversary Show in the front row and it was a epic night. Like all Crowdfunders you put in and get something out of it. No matter where you are in the world if you like wrestling then you’ll love this show.

Headlined by TNA Champion Drew Galloway against one of the best talents in the UK, Pride of Plymouth himself the English Lion Eddie Ryan, the night was just epic.

Just look at the photos over there on the sidebar they are from the night, I haven’t finished uploading them to Instagram but it was just brilliant.

Why this means so much to me?

Just over a year ago was when I became suicidal. It was a PWA show that really helped me get through that. It was their 6th Anniversary Show (headlined by James Storm and Abyss against the UK Dominator and PJ Jones) that gave me a boost that helped me see a light through the dark times I was going through. Since October I’ve been going to PWA and Pride Promotion shows religiously, they give me a reason to want to be alive. I’ve always been a wrestling fan and these guys go above and beyond. If I had more money I’d give more (anyone that knows me knows I pledged £35 for a Eddie Ryan t-shirt, I don’t want anything else just the t-shirt!) unfortunately I only work part time so don’t have any more to give.

I’m not being over the top or anything but truthful when I say that PWA saved my life last year.

So even if you can just give a little please do. The company means a lot to me, both of them do. I’ve been able to meet some wonderful people, had so many happy moments and got to witness some of the great British talent that you might never have heard of (but for £10 right now you can add a DVD and the knowledge of their greatness to your DVD library!) but who entertain and are just too wonderful for words. I haven’t met many of the Plymouth wrestlers but the ones I have have always been wonderful and they go out of your way to make you comfortable. Even in the face of someone like me that looks like they’d throw up on you rather then talk to you. (OK the PWA guys I’ve only ever met Eddie Ryan who is a saint who puts up with me nearly crying every time I see him. Dude don’t make me get out my Eddie Ryan pictures, they are honestly like grandchild pictures now I get them out and gush about how proud I am to be his fan all the time.)

PLUSSSSSS the 20th May marks my 27th birthday! Not that it means anything to anyone but if you could make a pledge it would make me a very happy person. Nope? Not working? I’m sorry….

Regardless. Even if this can just get a few retweets or reblogs or just helps spread the word that would be great.

Thank you for your time. Go back to reading my fanfic on Ao3 enjoying your Bank Holiday Weekend.

Just for extra effect me and Swamp-a-Doodle sporting my PWA t-shirt. Loved the first one can’t wait for any and all new ones. So go spreading the word (someone… At least my two fanboys!)

Week 17

27th April – 3rd May

IMPORTANT : Every week till June 21st I’ll be posting a link to my JustGiving page. I apologise if its annoying but I’m doing the Race for Life this year and will post a small message every week about it. I’ve never done anything like it before and I don’t know many people plus I’ll be talking about it a lot on here anyway so it makes sense to post about it but I beg for anyone to donate to the page if you can, even the smallest of donation will help so much! Even though I work for a different charity cancer research is a charity close to my heart.

The link to my page is HERE and I will be updating it in the next day or so!

So I apologise for doing it every week but at the same time…. I don’t care I’ll be posting it every week.

Week 7 Question :
Do you read? What are your favourite books?

What a stupid question.

YES I read. I read about four or five different books all at once. I read just about anything but I like fantasy and history books the most. My favourite books of all time are the Discworld series by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett, I have a love hate relationship with the Harry Potter books, I love The Odyssey and Iliad as well as Juvenile’s Satires.

But as I said I like a good history book too as well as good biographies. The BBC companion book to the TV series Auschwitz is a intriguing book and there are way too many decent books on Roman history as well as things like Cicero’s letters. As for biographies my favourites have been Mick Foley’s books as well as Alex James “A bit of a Blur” (he is in the band Blur if you didn’t know.)

But I have all sorts of books that I read. I also read a few manga series as well as used to collect the CSI books and in general will read just about anything if someone tells me its good.

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