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Gotham : Beasts of Prey

It feels like a eternity since Gotham was last on our TV screens but it returns with no fanfare just picking up where it left off.

If you need a reminder of where that was why not check out the “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” review.

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Gotham : Everyone Has a Cobblepot

I have to put my hands up and say I laughed uncontrollably when I heard the title of the episode. I really thought it was going to be some stupid thing about Penguin.

Instead it was something a little different.

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Gotham : The Blind Fortune Teller

This weeks episode is off to the circus, and with it even more nudges towards the future of Gotham.

Gotham the city not the program. At this rate the show won’t have any more villains to introduce. Maybe then we’ll look forward to their own.

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Gotham : The Scarecrow

I apologize for being a week behind in the reviews, I did see it on time I just failed to review it until now and thought it would be stupid to miss a episode.

We follow on from the thrilling episode with a wonderful turn from Julian Sands as Gerald Crane father of the one day Scarecrow Jonathan Crane.

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Gotham : The Fearsome Dr. Crane

Another big name is being dragged out this week and that name is Crane. With Gotham’s ever growing villain gallery I’m hoping for something special this week.

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Gotham : Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

Gotham continues, now with Fish out of business, Jim back on the force and a week without Master Bruce.

The series keeps getting stronger and this week looks as good as ever.

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Gotham : What the Little Bird Told Him

The show has had a weeks break and we come back to follow on where we left off, on the trail of Jack Gruber also now known as the Electrocutioner.

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Gotham : Rogues’ Gallery

We’re back from the holidays (edit : not that it mattered what with my late posting) and we get to catch up with Jim Gordon at his brand new job.

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Gotham : Lovecraft

EDIT: This blog has been in the draft folders since the episode aired here in the US, until today when I came to write about the new episode I was totally unaware I hadn’t published it. I apologize. It happens a lot with me.

In the thrilling mid-season finale we see Jim Gordon once more go up against the wrong people as he tries to take down Lovecraft.

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