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NXT 15/7/15 Review

Well… Here we are and I’m stoked for Sasha vs Charlotte for the women’s championship and I heard there are no Vaudevillains which makes me sad but unlike RAW and SmackDown I’m here.

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RAW 6/7/15 Review

I said I would no longer be doing the review but I got a e-mail this morning telling me that Pete had fallen asleep during RAW and that he had to re-watch to do his review.

So at first I was like yeah hit me up when you do that because as long as it isn’t when I’m at work or stupid O’Clock in the morning I’d do it with him.

Then I woke up to #CenaVsCesaro and I fangirled and here I am. Stealing his blog. He should’ve done a better job. So rejoice friends because for one more review I am here.

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NXT Review 3/6/15

My second week here reviewing NXT. Well the NXT champion is making all the headlines not only winning his match at the PPV this weekend against John Cena but also announcing his own NXT Championship invitational match on Smackdown.

Today isn’t Smackdown though (well technically it is but…. yeah) its NXT.

(I also get to announce that Pete is away for the next two weeks so I’ll be taking over RAW/Smackdown and the PPV blogs. Problem is he manages to be going away just when I’m working overtime so I won’t be live for Smackdown, I will be live for RAW but again not Smackdown or even Money in the Bank. But we’ll have another blog announcing it properly later.)

***For anyone who might have clicked here because I tagged it Divas I have a rant about Divas at the bottom so if you are just interested in the rant go RIGHT to the bottom! Its a good positive rant by the by not anything nasty!****

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