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Extreme Rules 2017 Review

So I’ve been doing a lot of wrestling reviews lately so thought why not at least do a few WWE PPV reviews at the same time.

I haven’t really paid too much attention to RAW recently, I stick to SmackDown more then RAW just because of time restrictions and all that, so this PPV I’m going in slightly cold. I do predictions with a group for all PPVs now so will probably end up just posting my predictions again but I can’t remember too many of what I actually predicted for Extreme Rules all I know is I want the Miz to win.

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NXT Plymouth 17th June

Last night I went to see NXT live here in Plymouth. I had been super excited about it since the moment I knew they were coming and managed to get tickets on O2 priorities before they were released for general sales. Couldn’t believe how good the seats where till we got in, it wasn’t front row but we were in the tiered seating pretty much in the middle (not quite) with a awesome view.

Obviously we had a great night.

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NXT Take Over Dallas Predictions

My predictions for NXT Take Over in Dallas. I should be awake to review it live but I’m also going to the zoo tomorrow and being in the UK I’ll be up late so… Follow me on Twitter to find out if I do stay up (@Awerka)

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NXT 30/3/16 Review

Seeing I’ll be reviewing Take Over Dallas  I thought it would make sense to first at least write about the last NXT episode. I have been keeping up with NXT in recent weeks but haven’t found the time to write about it.

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Best of… Male Wrestlers 2015

There was a lot of fighting over who to put in the top 10 and where they go. We think we came up with the best top 10 for us and guess who won the fight to name number 1 spot?

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Merry Christmas!!!!

From everyone here on BelieveinGeek.com we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then we hope you have a lovely day all the same!

We asked our own real life Humbug to draw us a picture to celebrate…. It isn’t very Christmassy but then she’s not the type to be Christmassy!

We have our year in review blogs starting next week, and normal service the week after. Or at least as normal as our service ever is!

Better photos of each drawing will be put on Anna’s Instagram and hopefully as long as she remembers on our Facebook page – so follow either to see in better detail the first time she drew Saitama (and what the chibi Eddie Ryan looks like without a blue light seemingly shining through his chest!)

No doubt we’ll all be back on Boxing Day to reveal some of our favourite pressies! Hope you all get what you want for Christmas, have a lovely holiday period and once more we’d love to thank everyone who has touched the lives of our authors this year in any which way.

We love you all!!!



NXT Take Over London

I haven’t watched NXT for months! I was so happy to see the Vaudevillains win the tag team championship and then suddenly I stopped watching, never saw them as champions and the longer I wasn’t watching the harder it was to get back into.

So I am back for NXT Take Over London.

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