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Best of… Movies 2019

I don’t watch a whole bunch of movies and there were loads that I wanted to watch that I never made it to the cinema to see or didn’t get to buy on DVD.

That being said here are 10 that I have seen and which I enjoyed.

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I guess a little update…

So we messed up people!

We didn’t really think Halloween through at all this year and with Madoka Magica now being over we only have a few days left of Halloween and nothing to really fill the gap with.

SOOOO instead, because season 3 of Zapped is back Amanada, who has reviewed 2 of 3 episodes of season one and 1 of 6 of season two is just going to spam all 11 episodes over the next week and we’ll forget that it is Halloween on Thursday and do better next year.

In past years we’ve done film reviews during this season, we only did the first two days with film reviews because… To be honest none of us have really watched any horror films at all this year let alone this month and didn’t feel that Halloween-y this month to do it either. We’ve gone through all our favs, Halloween, Friday 13th and Nightmare so next year we’re thinking of doing Hellraiser and Leprechaun with a few different ones here and there.

What we REALLY want to know though is what anime horror series would you like us to do next year?

We’re already planning on doing the entire Parasyte binge but we’d like to hear from you if there are any horror series we haven’t already gone through that you’d like to be featured next year. So let us know in the comments, even if it isn’t anime related…

What horror stuff do you want us to do next year?

365 Challenge : Polite Company

I’ve never understood the notion that you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion. I don’t really understand why you’d put limits on what you can and can’t talk about. The people who tend to say this in my experience are those that don’t like dealing with people with differing opinions. Maybe it is a saying that meant more “back in the day” then it does now. Right now though I think its more important to talk about politics and religion then it is to ignore them to be “polite”.

Whatever that means.

Instead of living by that adage I honestly think its time we taught people to be tolerant of others and more flexible in your own views.

Lets be honest that is where the problem lies and why we stick by it. People get angry when they think someone is trying to force their views on them and instead of listening and having a proper conversation tend to build walls. The second that happens in a discussion it no longer is a discussion and instead you tend to throw the same lines at someone that isn’t listening.

Why is it any different from talking about your favourite F1 driver? Or band? Or what movie you like or dislike?

For instance it is very well known that I really don’t like Lewis Hamilton. I could list the reasons right now and someone, instead of reading them and going fair enough BUT here are a few reasons why I like him and bringing me into a conversation about him from a respectful angle, will instead read it and say actually you are wrong and here is why and yes I know this is my opinion but it should be YOUR opinion too.

So for polite conversation we now don’t talk about politics, religion or F1?

I don’t like Star Wars. I got taken to see it by my OH and really thought it was a terrible movie and it hurts my head when people call Rey a positive female lead character. I could go into detail and someone again might try to make me see their opinion on the subject, give their side and how they feel and change my mind, but not be going out of their way to change my mind. Instead its more likely someone will tell me I’m wrong, and here is a aggressive list of reasons why you are wrong and I’m right.

So for polite conversation we now don’t talk about politics, religion, F1 or Star Wars?

After our best male wrestlers blog came out Anna ended up having to defend why Pete hadn’t added Roman Reigns to the top 10. Some of the Roman Reigns fans even told her to go kill herself for Petes opinion that Roman Reigns didn’t entertain him enough in 2015 to be in a list of his favourite wrestlers of 2015. Nothing mean or cruel were said about Roman Reigns but plenty of nasty things were thrown back at us.

So for polite conversation we now don’t talk about politics, religion, F1, Star Wars or our favourite wrestlers?

I can go on but I think you can get the point.

Why is politics and religion held higher then anything else you could disagree with? Why instead of teaching kids at a young age how to debate and not take differing opinions as a insult to their opinion we teach people to avoid speaking about things that might upset other people?

If you go with the thought you don’t want to upset someone else or have them think badly of you then you just won’t have anything to talk about! Nothing will ever be safe to talk about.

Politics and Religion are two very important subjects that NEED to be talked about. People shouldn’t put up walls and refuse to hear someone else’s opinion because you lose the chance to learn more about the person opposite you and the biggest opportunity to learn something new. The worst thing that happened in the UK Elections and the Scottish Referendum (my OH is Scottish and took a big interest in it) is that politicians didn’t talk about politics, they didn’t really talk about what they were going to do. They spent the whole time telling us how terrible the other people were and then us at home instead of talking about politics put up walls. If enough people actually talked to someone without aiming insults at them you might find out that people vote for parties for a varied reason and might even hate the party they vote for but don’t see anything better. You might actually realise that what EVERYONE truly wants is a party that mixes a bit of every party together.

When we stop talking about things because the world needs to be handled with kids gloves then we stop growing as a society. We should always be open and respectful to others ideas and opinions whilst hoping they’ll do the same to us.

Its just a little bit silly really.

Halloween Resurrection (2002)

The final Halloween of the original run of movies was brought out in 2002.

It carried on where H20 left off and devised a whole new way to terrorize youngsters with the iconic Michael Myers returning once more when we thought we’d finally seen the back of him.

Jamie Lee Curtis returned to reprise her role of Laurie Strode but the film was mainly hit with negative reviews.

As this ended up being the goodbye to Myers did it do the series justice?

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Jason Goes to Hell : The Final Friday (1993)

The only outing for Jason in the 90s came in the first film by New Line Cinema who had taken the rights to the Franchise. It was, once more, meant to end the series and set up for something a little different, that something didn’t come till the 00s and after yet another Jason outing but we’ll talk about that later.

After one of the worst Jason movies the whole mythology of Jason was explored (kind of) and a new formula was attempted.

There is a lot to be said for The Final Friday.

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Friday the 13th : The New Blood (1988)

After the critical success of Jason lives it feels strange that it took till 1988 for Jason to return to our screens.

This time we go proper supernatural. I don’t really count zombification supernatural so a psychic is the most supernatural thing so far in Friday Franchise.

It is also the first movie to see Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees. For most this is seen as the movie that created the iconic “definitive” Jason, it just took seven movies (two of which he didn’t actually kill anyone) for that to happen.

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