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And one more (Fandom) thing

So just a random thought whilst talking to Luc today, I found the perfect way to figure out whether I’m “Obsessed” or just generally “Overly Enthusiastic” about someone, some thing, some event, some character etc… etc… etc…

My whole life I never thought about it and when he spelt it out the way he did to me it was like the wool had been lifted from my eyes.

So the difference between Obsessed and Overly Enthusiastic.

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Doctor Who : 50th Anniversary Trailer tonight after Strictly Come Dancing!

So it has been announced that there will be a trailer depicting all 11 faces of the Doctor in one minute long trailer at 8:20pm tonight.

Exciting news! Or so you would think.

I get where some people are coming from with disappointment that it isn’t including footage from the 50th but to be very honest…. It is still a trailer, it is something they have decided to share with us and I’m excited! I don’t think its a waste of time, some of these people calling it a waste were the ones moaning that they didn’t do anything to promote the 50th, well now they are with colourized hi-def William Hartnell!

Personally whether the second trailer (we have been told there will be two on some sites) gives anything away or not, whether I have to actually sit down on the 23rd to see a whole, completely unspoilered episode of Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of a show I’ve watched since I was a little kid, well…… It doesn’t matter. Because in just over a month I’ll be sitting down watching a whole new episode of Doctor Who celebrating 50 years of the show, and I’m quite happy I haven’t seen anything of it yet!

I’m sure the trailer will be magnificent!