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Fairy Gone : Powerless Solider [END]

Episode 12

Muryokuna Heitai” (無力な兵隊)

In what I’m guessing is the final episode of this half of the season, the other half coming in October I believe, we see the war come to a end.

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Fairy Gone : Uninvited Music Corps

Episode 11

 “Manekazaru Ongakutai” (招かざる音楽隊)

Marlya might be over her obsessive need to remind us that she is cursed… She probably isn’t. Who knows and who cares when war is about to break out?

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Fairy Gone : Cursed Child

Episode 10

Wazawai no Ko” (災いの子)

If you didn’t watch the after credit scene of the following episode you should have because it was probably the best part of the entire series. It managed to actually portray all the feelings it should have.

In a confusing tale with so much lore seeping out of it that you can’t really contain it in your brain and so many things going on with so many different people that you lose track of who just talked let alone what they were talking about it was nice to have a quiet moment that reflected on the harsh realities of the job Marlya has got herself into.

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Fairy Gone : Rolling Stones and Seven Knights

Episode 9

Korogaru Ishi to Shichinin no Kishi” (Japanese転がる石と七人の騎士)

After the attack on the Prime Minister it is only fair that the person who saved him, Duke Diese, gets a prize.

Of course that means someone has to escort it…

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Fairy Gone : Pipe Blowing in the Stage Wing

Episode 8

Butai Sode no Fuefuki” (舞台そでの笛吹き)

I have a feeling we’ll have another one of those episodes if I’m honest but last episode kind of gave me hope that they’ll let story develop.

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Fairy Gone : Stubborn Blacksmith and Biased Rabbit

Episode 7

Ganko na Kajiya to Henkutsu Usagi” (がんこな鍛冶屋と偏屈ウサギ)

With malfunctioning Zern models and ceremony coming up there is a lot on Dorothea’s hands right now.

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Fairy Gone : Fellow Traveler

Episode 6

Tabi no Michidure” (旅の道連れ)

Maybe after the last episode we’ll get to see the series slow down a little and a bit more world building happening instead of constant action.

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