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F1 : Australian Grand Prix 2016

Well Qualifying was a event in some unspeakable way.  I’m not sure the idea of “shaking up the grid” with it really worked all it managed to do was end Qualifying with 3 minutes on the clock still.

Its the race that counts thought.

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F1 : Australian GP Qualifying 2016

So F1 is back.

With it we now have Channel 4 picking up the free to TV deal, half the races live and half in highlight form.

Amanda will be reviewing it again but until she’s back I’ve said I’ll give it a go. She hadn’t done qualifying reviews before and I can’t remember the last time I’ve attempted it so stick with me as I find the best way to review the new qualifying format.

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Formula 1 Pirelli Magyar Nagydij 2014

We have changeable weather (raining in the morning) at the Budapest track over the weekend and we are looking at an exciting race today.

Starting Grid
Pole : Nico Rosberg
Second : Sebastian Vettel
Third : Valtteri Bottas
Fourth : Daniel Ricciardo
Fifth : Fernando Alonso
Sixth : Felipe Massa
Seventh : Jenson Button
Eighth : Jean-Éric Vergne
Ninth : Nico Hulkenberg
Tenth : Kevin Magnussen

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Hungarian Grand Prix Preview

The Hungaroring will be host to the 11th round of the Formula One Championship.

The race has been a feature on the calender sine 1986 and is not reknowned for being a action packed and exciting race.

Still you never know do you?

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Formula 1 Grosser Preis Santander Von Deutschland 2014

This season is becoming a dog fight between the two Mercedes drivers.

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton and Germany’s Nico Rosberg.

Last race we were in Hamilton’s back yard and after Rosberg’s first retirement of the season he was able to win his home GP.

Rosberg still has the upper hand though and now we enter his territory. Hockenheim and the German GP!

Starting Grid
Pole :  Nico Rosberg
Second : Valtteri Bottas
Third : Felipe Massa
Fourth : Kevin Magnussen
Fifth : Daniel Ricciardo
Sixth : Sebastian Vettel
Seventh : Fernando Alonso
Eighth : Daniil Kvyat
Ninth : Nico Hulkenberg
Tenth : Sergio Pérez

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German Grand Prix Preview

This week we’ll be going 67 laps of the Hockenheimring for the German GP!

Germany was only allowed to hold sporting events after 1951 and held the title of the European GP four times between ’54 and ’74.

Hockenheim itself holds the German GP biennially, switching with the Nürburgring, it was last held (duh…) in 2012. It is pretty much completely flat. Ohhh do I love Hockenheim…

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2014 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix

With more then a race win worth of points between them it is time that Lewis Hamilton stepped it up and starting beating his team mate before he runs away with the title.

The battle in Mercedes is warming up and we’re facing a back to back home GP fight between them. This time out it is Lewis Hamilton and his return to Silverstone!

Starting Grid
This time out it is actually just qualifying result not starting grid..
Pole : Nico Rosberg
Second : Sebastian Vettel
Third : Jenson Button
Fourth : Nico Hülkenberg
Fifth : Kevin Magnussen
Sixth : Lewis Hamilton
Seventh : Sergio Perez
Eighth : Daniel Ricciardo
Ninth : Daniil Kyvat
Tenth : Jean-Éric Vergne

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Grosser Pries von Österreich 2014

Yes I love writing the name of the Grand Prix as it says on the F1 website. Isn’t that just a lovely way of looking at a Formula One race? Grosser Pries von Österreich.

The first time we’ve been here for a long, LONG while and only a handful of drivers were about back then.

So with the good news that Michael Schumacher (the last winner here in Austria) is recovering from his skiing accident lets get on to the race!

Starting Grid
Pole : Felipe Massa
Second : Valtteri Bottas
Third : Nico Rosberg
Fourth : Fernando Alonso
Fifth : Daniel Ricciardo
Sixth : Kevin Magnussen
Seventh : Daniil Kvyat
Eighth : Kimi Räikkönen
Ninth : Lewis Hamilton
Tenth : Nico Hulkenberg

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Austrian Grand Prix Preview

I have only just this moment noticed my Monaco preview was titled as a review… It confused me so much trying to find the preview to remember how I structured it and not being able to find it! So I apologise belatedly for that!

Now the focus is on the return of Austria!

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Grand Prix de Monaco 2014

The streets of the historic track of Monaco was calling this weekend. It is a track that rewards drivers ability.  Hamilton is still on a winning streak but the tension between him and his team mate Nico Rosberg bubbled over in qualifying.

Will anyone be able to beat the Mercedes? Will Nico be able to beat Lewis? Anything can happen in one of the most magical settings on the Formula One Calender.

Starting Grid
Pole : Nico Rosberg
Second : Lewis Hamilton
Third : Daniel Ricciardo
Fourth : Sebastian Vettel
Fifth : Fernando Alonso
Sixth : Kimi Raikkonen
Seventh : Jean-Éric Vergne
Eighth : Kevin Magnussen
Ninth : Danii Kyvat
Tenth : Sergio Perez

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