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Divine Gate : Where it Began

Episode 7

“Hajimari no ji” (はじまりの地)

OK so there has always been this feeling that I just don’t understand what is happening. I think, I just about think, I’ve figured it out. Just so happens I did that in the episode that completely changed the whole picture.

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Divine Gate : Blue Memory

Episode 4

“Aoi kioku” (蒼い記憶)

Everyone has a back story, everyone is sad and that sadness is making them want to find the Divine Gate.

Am I missing something?

I love this anime but don’t understand it. It’ll be the Yurikuma Arashi of 2016 I feel where I love it and watch it and get really upset about things and angry at others but I have NO IDEA of the plot.

Yeah that is going to happen.

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Divine Gate : Inextinguishable Flame

Episode 2

“Kesenai-en” (消せない炎)

Today I’ll catch up with Divine Gate. I kind of wasn’t too sure on it when I watched the first episode, there were a lot of things all mixed in together so some parts really interested me and others didn’t but I finally have found the time to catch up.

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