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Trolley Problem vs Survival Lottery

We always love a moral quandary and Babylon gave us a good moral debate at least once.

Possibly only once though there are a few different problems that I have random ideas for blogs on coming up so look forward to that mess.

Starting off though in the penultimate episode it actually had a good debate over what is good and what is bad and came up with the argument of the Trolley Problem (save the many over the one in a accident) over Survival Lottery (save the many over the one on purpose.)

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Week 49 : What was your favourite book as a child?

I love reading, I am always reading something. I have too many books and never enough time to even start to think about reading them, there are so many unfinished stories in my library it is painful to think about.

What started this off?

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The great neighbours debate

No we don’t mean the Australian Soap!

We’ve started to work on the discussion/debate thread again and this months discussion is on neighbours.

The discussion @GeekMind Forum has already started (slowly) so we thought we’d open it up to you guys.

Do you get on with your neighbours? Could you name each of them?

If you overheard an argument or thought someone was being hurt would you feel right phoning police to intervene or is it none of our business what happens next door?

Or do you just want to gossip about your neighbours like Anna did? Either way join in the discussion here or on the forum!